Playing Cops & Robbers Just Got Interesting

It was a simpler time; without toy cars like this kicking around, chasing one another around the house pointing a finger and making gun noises was still enough to fuel hours of entertainment. That said, how much cooler things would have been if these childish adventures could involve a car chase scene like the ones from the countless autos-centric movies out there? Well, this duo of deals we spotted on eBay makes it that much closer to reality for the new budding generation of auto enthusiast.

mercedes amg toy

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For the baddies, a Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Convertible isn’t exactly the most stealthy getaway car, however it certainly plays the part well (and could make a good stand-in should a remake of Ronin ever be in the books). A weight capacity of 110 lbs and a top speed of 4 Mph ensures your little ones can’t really get out of hand with it, though a little imagination goes a long ways.

police toy car

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The law enforcers of this situation get a bit of a mix of advantages and disadvantages in this equation depending on how you look at it. The Ford Explorer-based police cruiser packs some solid bells and whistles, including police sirens and lights, among other things. In trade, it isn’t as quick as the Benz (much like in real life), clocking in at 2.3 Mph. That in mind, the kids playing as the fuzz are going to have to get a little more creative about how to get ahead of their bank robbing counterparts.

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