Win $5,000 in Parts for Your Mustang From SR Performance and Staff
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Looking to upgrade your Mustang? Then you’re going to want to check out this contest to win $5,000 in aftermarket parts from SR Performance, sponsored by

If you’re in the market for a DIY part or planning a project on a budget, but don’t want to skimp on quality, SR Performance brand parts have quickly become a popular choice for Mustang owners. Exclusive to, the SR Performance brand offers parts that easily meet – and beat – factory OEM standards.

It doesn’t matter if you have a vintage Ford Mustang from 1979 or a current-generation Mustang from 2019, the SR Performance catalog has over 100 parts and kits for the DIY Mustang enthusiast to browse. Designed and engineered in the USA, these are all high-quality parts, often designed to be direct bolt-on replacements for OE parts – which should make installation a snap whether you’re a beginner DIYer or a more experienced one. Best of all, any SR Performance parts ordered from are shipped free.

Need another reason to head over to right now? Through September 30th, you can enter to win $5,000 in parts for your Mustang, thanks to the good folks at SR Performance.

Regardless of whether you win the contest or not though, there’s a huge selection of budget-friendly parts to choose from, no matter your model: fitment for SR Performance parts includes V6, Shelby, GT Mach 1, Boss, and many other popular Mustang models. (Just be sure to check that the part or kit has been designed to fit your Mustang for the best installation experience.) includes a handy installation guide, difficulty guide, and estimated install time on all SR Performance parts they sell. And there are plenty of upgrades on offer for the DIYer to tackle, including cold-air intakes, engine dress-up mods, shifters, exhaust kits, and more.

Looking for an easy way to add more power? The SR Performance 62mm Twin Throttle body is a twin-bore kit that should bolt in place on the stock throttle body. It’s been CNC machined from aluminum for OEM quality and should support drive-by-wire applications; installing this onto your 2005 to 2010 Mustang should net gains of 15-20 RWHP.

Meanwhile, some of the more popular Mustang SR Performance kits on offer are height adjustable suspension kits – kits include everything you’ll need to swap out those OE parts with the new and improved SR Performance versions, and depending on your year and model, should help improve handling and ride.

Put it all together, and that’s why SR Performance is quickly becoming one of the most trusted brands for DIYers looking to upgrade their Mustangs – and the only place where you can get these parts is at

What began as a site dedicated to becoming a leader in aftermarket parts for the Ford Mustang, added Dodge Challenger parts to their catalog in 2018, and now proudly serves both communities with a large selection of quality aftermarket parts for Mustangs and Challengers across all generations. Add in free shipping and lots of community-based help, and is a true one-stop-shop for parts, kits, and installation support for Mustang and Challenger owners.

So head over to today and try your luck at winning $5,000 in parts for your Ford Mustang! Entries are open daily, so enter early and often for your chance to win. Staff Staff

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