Honda Previews Styling of 2024 Prologue EV Crossover Via Video of Design Process

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
honda previews styling of 2024 prologue ev crossover via video of design process

Virtual reality is playing a huge part in designing Honda’s new EV crossover.

In a video from Honda, the design team for the forthcoming Proluge EV crossover goes on to outline its inspiration and techniques for the new vehicle. Designed in Honda’s California studio, the design team says that VR allowed everyone to collaborate easier. The team could see color, proportions, and other design details easily and quickly in 3D space.

Most notably, however, the video serves as a preview of what the Honda EV crossover will look like. The video uses intentionally tight close-up shots of a half-finished clay model, but there’s still a lot to glean from what we can see. The Prologue appears to be a cleanly-styled crossover, not dissimilar to what we’ve seen on the 2024 Honda CR-V. It’s hard to gauge physical size from a video, but it appears the Proluge EV will be about the same size as the CR-V, but with tidier proportions. The wheelbase is long, the overhangs are short, and the front fascia is said to be inspired by the Honda E, according to designers. The designers say the car is chunky, with aggressive tires, for a sporty appearance. Honda’s calling it “neo-rugged.”

Interior, price, and performance are still under wraps, but the Honda Proluge production model is expected to use the GM Ultium platform and batteries. This means, that it’ll use the same guts as the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, GMC Hummer EV, and nearly every GM electric car planned for the next few years. The Prologue is supposed to go on sale by 2024.

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