Tesla Model Y Beats Toyota, Tops Global Sales Charts For First Quarter

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
tesla model y beats toyota tops global sales charts for first quarter

Tesla surpasses Toyota in sales. At least, for one quarter.

Despite the EV revolution taking up most of the automotive media airspace, if you really pay attention to the number, EVs still are vastly outsold by traditional internal combustion vehicles. Except, that seems to be on its way to changing. For Q1 of 2023, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling model, globally.

The Model Y beat the Toyota Corolla, a model that typically sits at the top of the global sales charts. Tesla moved 267,171 over Q1 of 2023. China bought the most Model Y’s, at 94,469 units. The United States bought 83,664 and Europe purchased 71,114 units of the electric compact crossover.

Some analysts say that part of the reason why Model Y is so popular, was its dramatic price cuts earlier this year, sometimes up to 20%. In the US, the Model 3 and Model Y now qualify for tax credits, that when coupled with the lower starting price, make the Model Y as cheap as a regular gas-powered compact crossover. That’s an alluring proposition and no doubt why the Model Y is so popular.

Still, there’s concern that the Model Y and Tesla as a whole won’t be able to sustain these sales volumes with price cuts and incentives. Other traditional manufacturers are steadily getting new EV product on the marketplace, and the models in Tesla’s lineup of cars hasn’t changed much since they were introduced. Even in China, Tesla has faced stiff competition from China’s domestic manufacturers.

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