Toyota Confirms 600-mile Battery, Simulated Manual Transmission For EVs

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
toyota confirms 600 mile battery simulated manual transmission for evs

Toyota’s developing an EV with a manual transmission.

EVs are fast and efficient, but they’ve earned a reputation for being unengaging to drive. Well, that may be changing soon – sources have confirmed that not only is Toyota developing an EV sports car, but it will also have a manual transmission. At least, a simulated manual transmission, to make the car more engaging to drive.

To be clear, there’s little to no functional reason for an electric car to have a multi-speed traditional manual transmission or almost any transmission at all. Electric motors produce lots of torque that generally stay constant throughout the entire RPM range. Aside from a gear reduction and differential setup, most EVs essentially direct power from the motor straight to the road.

But taking the most straightforward way is boring, no? That’s what Lexus boss Koji Sato thought. According to reports from The Drive, he made it his personal mission to develop a simulated manual for future Toyota EV products. The faux manual was even demonstrated in a video that went somewhat viral earlier this year. Now, the official tech has been confirmed, alongside a mega-sized 600-mile battery that Toyota says can recharge in 10 minutes.

The simulated manual tech is said to add spirit to the EV driving experience. It’ll likely include simulated engine sounds, a torque curve similar to a traditional ICE car, and even the ability to stall. The first iteration of the EV-simulated manual is due on the market in a yet-to-be-revealed, GR-branded Toyota sports car. Will it be genuinely engaging? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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