Transform Your BMW M3 Into a Street Legal GT Race Car Thanks to CLP Automotive

BMW M3 owners looking to transform their ride to a GT-inspired race car lookalike can now turn to CLP Automotive’s Interceptor kit to accomplish the task. The full carbon fiber widebody conversion kit doesn’t come cheap though, priced at around $12,400. Your hard-earned dollars will get you a new front bumper, hood, fenders (with lower vents), side skirts, flared rear quarter panels, rear bumper and a rear spoiler.

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Vorsteiner Builds Candy Cane-Themed Widebody BMW M3

Vorsteiner has made quite a splash with its GTRS3 carbon fiber wide body conversion for the current generation B MW E92 M3. And for Bimmerfest 2011 (which just passed), Vorsteiner decided to debut another widebody M3 project; this time sporting a red and white theme that won itself the nickname of Candy Cane.

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Manhart Racing Builds 724-HP BMW M3 V8RS

For some people, BMW‘s E92 M3 coupe is a near-perfect vehicle. It offers great looks, a BMW driving experience, luxury, sportiness and the unmistakable performance that only an M-series can offer. But to some, 420-hp out of the M3’s V8 might not be enough to satisfy their needs. That’s where Manhart Racing comes in, transplanting the M3’s much bigger brother’s X6M powerplant into the sport coupe chassis. That’s right, the thrill of a twin turbo M3 coupe can now be experienced.

By replacing the M3’s V8 with BMW’s X6M powerplant, Manhart Racing was able to squeeze plenty of extra horsepower thanks to its twin turbo forced induction. With some ECU modifications and a new exhaust, the M3 puts out 724-hp and 641 ft-lbs of torque.

To back up the power, Manhart Racing also added some carbon fiber components, suspension upgrades, and a lightweight set of BBS wheels.

Check out a video of the V8RS after the break.

[Source: Topspeed]

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Japanese Tuner Varis Displays New Parts for European Models, Plus JDM Favorites

It’s certainly not a household name, but Japanese tuner Varis is making headway modifying not only Japanese cars, but European models as well. The company does complete transformations, with everything from aesthetics to performance, with designs that are extreme, but not quite over-the-top.

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