Dartz Teases 1,500 HP Mercedes GL-Based SUV

Latvian coachbuilder Dartz is teasing a new product based on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV.

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Dartz Black Snake Redefines Ridiculous Luxury Cars

It’s rare to hear of a vehicle more opulent than the million-dollar plus Dartz Prombron, but leave it to the brand to outdo its old status quo.

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Seven Days of Dream Car Garages: Day Two by Luke Vandezande

It’s the second day of AutoGuide’s Dream Car Garage list. This time News Editor Luke Vandezande compiled his list of the 10 cars, a word used loosely at points, that he would pick if money weren’t a factor.

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Dartz Nagel Dakkar Luxury Off Road SUV Previewed

Dartz, the Russian vehicle maker that specializes in armored SUVs, released a teaser of what its working on next: the Nagel Dakkar, named after the famous Russian driver Andrew Nagel.

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Dartz Prombron Black Dragon Headed to China, Priced at $7 Million

If a special vehicles automaker wanted to build a bespoke automobile specifically for China’s wealthiest, it would adorn the automobile with every imaginable luxury appointment and would dedicate its masterpiece after the Year of the Dragon.

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Dartz Prombron Photo Shoot Includes Playboy Bunny, Vodka [Video]

Russian armored vehicle company Dartz claims its ultra-safe Prombron Iron Diamond SUV is perfectly suited for women. It now seems, however, that what they meant to say is that it’s perfect for women to pose with in revealing outfits.

At least that’s the message we’re getting from the company’s latest YouTube vide o, which includes a PlayBoy bunny and some RussoBaltique Vodka.

You can watch the video after the jump, but consider yourself warned – it’s a little risqué for some offices. Still, this is hardly the most shocking thing Dartz has done. This is the same company that once offered a what penis interior.

Watch the video after the jump:

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Dartz FR Wraps A Ferrari F430 With Black Leather Vinyl

Dartz FR is taking the world by storm with their amazing wrap jobs, with their recent chrome red Bugatti Veyron catching our eye. This time around, they’ve taken a Ferrari F430 and wrapped the entire exterior with black leather vinyl.

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Dartz's Wraps Bugatti Veyron In Red Chrome [Video]


It might not be as fancy as the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc, but Dartz out in Cannes, France has done their own fancy version of a Veyron. Apparently this Veyron has been all over, getting tuned by TAM Auto Engineering in Dubai before it was shipped over to France where Dartz outfitted it with a full red chrome wrap – which might be the first of its color and kind – some wheels, and interior upgrades.

We can’t imagine what this Veyron looks like in person, but we’re guessing it’s even more blingy in real life.

Check out a video of the red chrome Bugatti revealing itself to the world after the break.

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Dartz 'Prombron Iron Diamond' SUV Built Exclusively for Women

Ladies, don’t you hate it when you show up to your kid’s soccer game in the same SUV that all the other moms are driving? And are you tired of always being shot at as you run your daily errands? Dartz has heard your concerns and has come up with a solution – the Prombron Iron Diamond.

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Zenvo ST1 and Dartz Kombat To Be Sold In North America

Red Sea Distribution, an Indiana based importing firm, is bringing two European oddities to North America. The Zenvo ST1 is a $1.25 million sports coupe with a twin-turbo, mid-mounted 7.0L Corvette V8 that makes 1,104 horsepower and hits 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Only 15 will be made, so act fast.

Readers of this blog will be doubtlessly more familiar with the Dartz Kombat, the belligerent Russian uber-SUV that only costs $225,000. While the whale penis skin has been phased out, you can still get all kinds of bulletproofing, just in case you ever become as wealthy and important as one of Dartz’s home country oligarch consumers.

[Source: Red Sea Distribution]

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Dartz Wraps Bentley Continental GT In Snake Skin As Follow Up To Whale Penis Interior

Dartz, the Russian custom car shop that famously outfit their Prombron SUV in leather made from whale penis, have taken their animal skin fixation to the next level, but wrapping a Bentley Continental GT in some kind of white snakeskin material.

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Russian Firm Dartz Builds Gold Car, Lenin Weeps In His Tomb

A couple decades after the fall of Communism, Russian firm Dartz is set to make the most conspicuous, ostentatious and absurd vehicle to ever hit the road. The Dartz Prombron Car With The Golden Wheels (yes, that is the name of the car) really does feature gold wheels (as in, gold plated, not gold colored) with 50 caliber bullets used as the design for the wheel spokes. It also comes with a gold window tint applied at a former Soviet space-equipment factory. The seats are a lowly vinyl, but they are the same snakeskin pattern used by former Russian President Boris Yeltsin in his executive jet. And as a homage to James Bond, the car will come with a solid gold Mauser handgun with solid gold ammunition.

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