Corvette Racing Series, Episode 5 Is Back With 100% Less Green Content (Video Inside)

The last installment of Corvette Racing saw the team highlighting the little things they do to make the Corvette ALMS cars just a little more green. Come on guys, maybe the Sierra Club is interested, but chances are, if you’re checking out ‘Vette videos on Youtube, you’re not too interested in how the headlights can reduce C02 emissions.

Don’t think the Corvette folks are unaware of this either. Episode 5 of the Corvette Racing Series is a total departure from the previous “socially responsible” episode, with awesome footage of vintage Corvettes at LeMans, old-timer legends like Dick Guldstrand talking about how racing used to be, Ron Fellows giving his impressions of the old LeMans Corvettes, and of course, lots and lots of V8 rumbling, possibly the best antidote to anything that uses “green” as an adjective.

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