Audi Gets First Self-Driving Car Permit in California

California issued its first self-driving car permit for use on state roads today, marking a milestone in the journey toward mass market adoption of the technology.

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California DMV Announces New Self-Driving Car Rules

Self-driving vehicles are creeping toward public adoption at a not-so-slow pace and the California DMV just announced rules that bring them closer to the mass market.

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Over 212,000 Flood Damaged Cars Back on Roads

Used car shoppers need to be especially wary of “great deals” found in used car listings.

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Why You Shouldn't Buy Patriotic License Plates

Not long after 9/11, the California DMV started selling memorial license plates under the promise that the proceeds would go toward scholarships for children of the victims, or anti-terrorist initiatives, but the money isn’t making it home.

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Study: Fewer Young Drivers, More Seniors On The Road

The old saying “stay off the sidewalks, my kid just got a license” may be losing its punch but “Grandpa, don’t drive on the curb” might be replacing it.

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Chrysler Fined $955,000 By California DMV

The California Department of Motor Vehicles slapped Chrysler this month to the tune of $955,000 in fines.

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Newly Licensed Driver Celebrates By Crashing Into DMV (Video Inside)

What better way is there to celebrate your freshly minted driver’s license than to crash your car through the DMV?

According to the Associated Press, the new driver had just finished dropping his examiner off when the driver burst through the office. Apparently, he thought the car was in Park, but was mistaken. Unfortunately, DMV officials were unable to revoke his passing grade.

Hit the jump to watch a new driver crash through the DMV

[Source: Associated Press]

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California No Longer Issuing HOV Carpool Stickers to Hybrids

Hybrid cars are a huge hit in California and for a number of reasons. The first reason you might think of is the that citizens of the fine state are concerned about the environment. And while that might be true, there’s also a more self-serving reason, namely, that the California DMV issues 85,000 “Clean Air Vehicle” stickers to hybrid cars owners allowing them to drive in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) or carpool lanes.

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