Nissan Juke-R Gets A Handling Makeover [Video]

Often overlooked in complicated car projects and builds is the handling aspect of the finished product. Sure, you can squeeze a huge powerplant into any chassis and give it eye-popping performance numbers, but if the car can’t even make a left turn, what’s the point? Nissan’s Juke-R project has captured the attention of every car enthusiast worldwide, and their latest video shows off RML’s focus on the project’s handling.

With supercar performance under the hood, the next goal was to make the Juke-R project handle like a Nissan GT-R. The chassis was reinforced with a purpose-built roll cage, providing the rigidity required to handle the speed and power the Juke-R now sports. Different suspension components were installed to compensate for the car’s weight and height – and even though the video description says its “subtly different”, we’re sure that this is far from the truth.

Check out the video of the Nissan Juke-R’s suspension and chassis getting overhauled after the break.

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