Lada Ends Production Of Decades Old Model

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It’s been 40 long years, but like perestroika, the last remnant of Italian-derived Soviet majesty finally comes to an undignified end. In Soviet Russia, production ends you! The venerable Lada 2107, as it’s known, was already a 4-year old design (from Fiat) when it first entered production in 1970, gleaming and full of hope for… Continue Reading...

Vladimir Putin Embarassed When Lada Stunt Backfires in Front of Russian Media

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Russians and world leaders alike know not to mess with shirtless, crossbow-wielding, bear-hunting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But when a Lada Granta crosses the Wrath of Putin, there’s nothing to do but to make cheesy “in Soviet Russia” jokes. And run. Putin, promoting the glory of Mother Russia and the trappings of the proletariat, paraded a… Continue Reading...

AvtoVAZ, Russia’s Largest Car Maker Stops Production

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Caption: Lada Priora According to an Associate Press report in The Detroit News, OAO AvtoVAZ, the maker of Lada vehicles, has shut down its production facilities. Company spokesperson Natalya Sidoruk told AP that the company made the move because of a parts shortage. The reason for the shortage is of some concern. Apparently suppliers are… Continue Reading...
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