BMW M6 MotoGP Safety Car Heading to Debut at Nürburgring

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BMW has been providing the official safety cars for MotoGP for the past 13 years, and this year it has decided to update mid-season with the new M6 Coupe, replacing its 1 Series M Coupe safety car. The MotoGP M6 safety car will make its debut at this weekend’s Nürburgring M Festival sporting plenty of carbon… Continue Reading...

2012 BMW M5 Safety Car With Akrapovic Exhaust [Video]

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BMW used this past weekend’s Indianapolis MotoGP to unveil its new F10 M5 safety car. The BMW was fitted with an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system that sounds amazing. Other goodies that set this  safety vehicle aside from all other standard M5’s include high performance coilovers, new front and rear spoilers, Recaro bucket seats and 20-inch… Continue Reading...

MotoGP Champ Nicky Hayden Tries To Pilot A Mercedes-Benz DTM Race Car [Video]

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The closest most of us will ever get to piloting a true DTM race car would be in Gran Turismo 5, and even then the results aren’t always pretty. Those that have unlocked some of the rare collectible race cars in any Gran Turismo knows what it’s like to try to control it for the first… Continue Reading...

Circuit Of The Americas Revealed As Name For Formula 1 Track In Austin, Texas

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The proposed Formula 1 race track in Austin, Texas will officially be known as the Circuit of the Americas, and feature a variety of facilities beyond the 3.4 mile race track, including a full-time trauma center, and venues for commercial, educational and social events that will all be open year-round. While a large degree of… Continue Reading...

BMW 1M: The Official Safety Car of MotoGP [Gallery]

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Next time you watch a MotoGP race, be sure to note that BMW is always out in front of Mercedes. Sure neither automaker competes in the F1 of motorcycle racing, but while Mercedes’ AMG division sponsors the Ducati team, BMW is providing the pace car. That pace car is based on the new 1 Series… Continue Reading...

Mercedes SLK200 Kompressor Naked to Debut at World Ducati Week

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To help celebrate World Ducati Week, Mercedes will debut a new ‘Naked’ limited edition SLK200 Kompressor model during the festivities, which start June 20th in Rimini, Italy. The reason for Mercedes’ involvement is due to the close connection between the Mercedes AMG division and financing and insurance firm Gruppo Generali – which also just so… Continue Reading...