New Chevrolet Colorado Two Years Away for North America

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Following the discontinuation of the Chevrolet Colorado, speculation quickly cropped up about the new Colorado that debuted at the Bangkok Motor Show last year. Early on, many people assumed the truck would immediately succeed the recently discontinued generation as a 2013 model, but those assumptions are turning up false. In fact the new Colorado, pictured… Continue Reading...

Japanese Automakers Re-Start Production In Thailand

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While Thailand is mostly known for sandy beaches, fake watches and other pleasures that need to be paid for in cash, Thailand has a strong manufacturing base, with many automakers producing vehicles and components in the developing nation. October’s flooding, which ravaged the Southeast Asian country, made a major dent in the production figures of… Continue Reading...

New Chevy Colorado Confirmed with Duramax 4-Cylinder Diesel

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Having spent much time in Thailand during the vehicle’s development process, in order to gauge the kind of buyers found in the local pickup market as well as driving conditions many trucks are subjected to; Colorado chief engineer Roberto Rempel and his team believe that Chevy’s new mid-size pickup is more than up to the... Continue Reading...

GM Unveils Colorado ‘Show Truck’ at Bangkok Show

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It wasn’t exactly a secret. With Thailand being one of the most popular single markets for small and mid-size pickups – the biggest in the world according to GM’s Susan Docherty, it’s hardly surprising the General chose the Bangkok Auto Show to reveal its global Ford Ranger competitor, the Chevrolet Colorado. However, the actual truck… Continue Reading...
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