Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries To Start November 30

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

The Cybertruck finally has a release date, but it’s not clear when they’ll be on roads en masse.

After four years, and loads of promises, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally has announced a release date for the controversially styled Cybertruck: November 30. During a quarterly Musk said the first units will be delivered during an event at the company’s Austin Gigafctory. We finally have a date, but there still are a few more lingering questions.

For starters, Musk hasn’t officially shared the price of the Cybertruck. When the truck was announced in 2019, Tesla claimed it would start at $39,990. Yet, plenty of EV manufacturers have struggled with meeting these price goals, and Tesla doesn’t seem to be the exception. During this week’s Tesla Q3 earnings call, Musk was uncharacteristically somber with respect to the Cybertruck. He explained that it would take a while for the Gigafactory to ramp up production of the truck, and for the truck itself to become profitable. “We dug our own grave with the Cybertruck,” said Musk.

Now, demand supposedly is overwhelming for the Cybertruck; Tesla claims more than 1 million reservations exist for the vehicle. But is that enough? Reservations don’t always translate to actual sales, especially since pricing hasn’t been confirmed, and we still don’t have an actual picture of the final production-intent design. Also, the Cybertruck won’t be the only EV pickup in the market; more traditional designs from Ford and Rivian prove that the EV pickup truck can in fact work rather well. The Cybertruck’s controversial wedge-shaped appearance could be a deterrent.

Whatever the case, we should have concrete answers when the truck is officially unveiled on November 30.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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