The Next-Gen Lamborghini Huracan's V8 Will Rev To 10,000 RPM

Lamborghini has a new engine, and it’s a big deal. This 10,000 RPM V8 will power the Lamborghini 634 - code name for the Huracan’s successor. After the loss of that car’s naturally aspirated V10, anything after might seem like a blow, but this twin-turbo, hybrid V8 with a stratospheric redline hardly feels like a consolation prize.

Lambo says the motor will displace 4.0 liters with a maximum power output of 789 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque. The engine uses a flat-plane crank as well, so it’ll sound more Ferrari than Mustang. The high redline, per Lamborghini, comes courtesy of an extremely light rotating assembly with titanium connecting rods with rigid followers. These followers are much lighter than the traditional bucket-and-shim tappets they replace, contributing to that 10,000 RPM redline.

The engine is also a hybrid, using three motors - two on the front and one mounted between the engine and the transmission. The automaker says the setup is largely based on the Revuelto’s, and here makes 147 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque all by itself. Speaking of the hybrid V12 Lambo, that car’s transmission has also been carried over to this drivetrain. Lamborghini hasn’t provided any other specifics on the powertrain, but we’ll hear more about it when the Huracan’s successor debuts in August.

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Chase Bierenkoven
Chase Bierenkoven

Chase is an automotive journalist with years of experience in the industry. He writes for outlets like Edmunds and AutoGuide, among many others. When not writing, Chase is in front of the camera over at The Overrun, his YouTube channel run alongside his friend and co-host Jobe Teehan. If he's not writing reviews of the latest in cars or producing industry coverage, Chase is at home in the driver's seat of his own (usually German) sports cars.

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