How To Improve Your Vehicle’s Handling Off-Road and On Staff
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Whether you’re a hard-core overlander, a weekend warrior loaded with gear, or a have your rig set up with some weight-adding equipment to help you tackle obstacles way off the beaten path, one thing is clear – adding weight to your vehicle can take up valuable suspension travel, affect your handling, and make for a rougher ride. Thankfully Eibach has you covered with its load-leveling system. This system can help restore the handling and appearance of your trail rig in short order.

Height Control

Your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to handle the maximum payload your rig is rated for. Typically, this means a stock vehicle without much extra in the way of gear and accessories. When you add things like roof-top tents, heavy-duty bumpers, winches, and more, your suspension may start to sag. This can cause issues with your tires if they are a little oversize, and can affect your ground clearance. Then there is the whole other can of beans that gets opened when you tow something, like a camper, boat or trailer hauling your SxS or other toys. Trailers can add extra load to your suspension that it just wasn’t designed to handle. This is where the Eibach Load-Leveling spring kit comes into play.

Eibach’s system was designed around vehicles that frequently get loaded and unloaded for towing, camping trips, or overland expeditions. It is a great idea for trail rigs with extra body armor, oversized steel bumpers, roof-top tents, added storage, full-size spares, and tire carriers, which all increase weight that ultimately affects the static ride height of your vehicle. The addition of the height-adjustable perch allows you to fine tune the rear ride height. This helps keep your chassis clear from trail obstacles and your tires clear from rubbing the fenders.

Springing Up

The Eibach Load Leveling spring kit consists of new springs for your suspension. These spring kits are designed for your specific vehicle model and come in three different rate options. The 0-200 lb kit is perfect for lighter weight add-ons, like roof-top tents, a roof rack and/or some mild cargo options. The 200-400 lb kit is good for adding heavier accessories like rock sliders, or a full-size spare tire carrier. The 400 lb + kit is for bigger accessories, like oversize off-road bumpers, winches, bigger cargo carriers, and combinations of lots of gear. The 400+ kit is also a really good idea for anyone who adds a fiberglass topper to his or her truck.

Spring quality is as good as it gets. After all this is Eibach we’re talking about. Each spring is constructed to exacting specifications and is thoroughly tested to do exactly what it is designed for.


One key element of the Eibach Load-Leveling spring kit is the adjustable Height Perch for the rear springs. This allows for fine tuning of the ride height for the rear of your truck or SUV. The rear usually takes most of the brunt of the added weight. The perch lets you set the best ride height for your rear shocks, keeping things looking and riding right.

Installation instructions are included and it is not as difficult as you might think. For more information, visit to see if this kit is right for you.

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