What Really Happens When EV Drivers Charge on the Go?

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A comprehensive survey by FLO, an electric vehicle (EV) charging network in North America, has shed light on the charging behaviors of nearly 40,000 EV drivers across the United States and Canada. A significant finding from the survey reveals that a majority of these drivers depend on direct current (DC) fast charging stations for their long-distance travel needs. Specifically, 42% of participants reported using fast chargers at least once a month, while 60% rely on them for trips that extend beyond their city limits.

Utilizing Time Efficiently During Charging

The time spent charging an EV is often seen as an opportunity to engage in various activities. According to the survey, over half of the respondents (51%) take advantage of on-site amenities while waiting for their vehicle to charge. Eating or purchasing refreshments is the most popular activity, with 60% of drivers choosing to do so. Additionally, 19% of respondents prefer to shop at nearby retail stores during this time.

The Necessity for Accessible Charging Infrastructure

The survey highlights a notable gap in home charging availability, with 29% of EV owners lacking a personal charging station. This underlines the critical need for accessible and reliable public charging infrastructure to accommodate those without home charging solutions. Moreover, the data reveals a diverse preference for charging station types among EV drivers. Thirty-five percent mainly use Level 2 stations, 27% prefer DC fast charging stations, and 31% utilize a combination of both, emphasizing the demand for a varied and inclusive charging network.

EV Drivers' Preferences and Travel Patterns

Interestingly, the survey found that most EV drivers predominantly travel within local areas, with Canadian participants driving 151 to 250 kilometers per week and American drivers covering 100 to 200 miles. This suggests that the majority of daily travel can be supported by a single overnight charge, although the necessity for a comprehensive charging network remains for longer journeys and those without home charging capabilities.

Expanding North America's EV Charging Network

FLO's survey results support its initiative to expand its own-and-operate network of fast chargers, aiming to enhance the EV charging infrastructure across North America. This expansion will include the deployment of the FLO Ultra charger, capable of charging most new EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes. These chargers, to be hosted by various businesses, will provide a convenient and efficient charging solution without the associated costs, risks, or logistics for the hosts. Featuring up to 320 kW of power and a design focused on reliability and user-friendliness, the FLO Ultra charger is set to significantly improve the EV charging experience.

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