Manufacturers typically make stock speakers from inexpensive, low-grade materials as a way to cut costs and still provide semi-decent performance. As a result, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) speakers can make even daily drives feel intolerable. And if you’re a fan of music, there truly is nothing more deplorable than a great song being played on low-performing speakers.   

If your car came from the factory with 5×7 speakers, or is able to accommodate 5×7 speakers, you’ve come to the right place. Quality aftermarket 5×7 speakers can turn any music system to a premium car stereo that jazzes up drives and gets the mood going.

With so many excellent choices on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you out, we compiled a list of the best 5×7 speakers into an all-in-one buying guide for your convenience. For more information on the best 5×7 speakers, refer to the table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: Focal AC Access 5x7 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

focal ac access 5x7 2-way coaxial speakers

If you’re looking for speakers that have impressive sound, premium construction, and discreet style, this recommendation from Focal fits the bill. This product is a happy marriage of affordability and performance, which allows you to enjoy rich sound without the guilt of an expensive buy. The AC speakers incorporate some high-quality components in the built-in crossover, which paves the way for a seamless frequency distribution to the tweeter and woofer.

These speakers also boast a world-class woofer system that integrates a dual fiberglass structure (DFS) woofer cone for midrange and midbass sound reproduction without compromising its articulated bass. The butyl rubber surround is an added feature that provides the speakers with the perfect durability even in hot and humid conditions, without warping.

What makes this product stand out is the innovative inverted dome tweeter technology, which helps to reduce the chances of physical damage. It also disperses high frequencies at a much faster rate, so you can stream your music with a wider soundstage and better resolution.

2. Best For a Noisy Environment: Polk Audio DB+ Series 5x7 Coaxial Speakers

polk audio db+ series 5x7 coaxial speakers

If you’re in need of speakers that pierce through noise even in the harshest of environments, then these Polk Audio speakers are all you’ve been searching for. This product comes with a polypropylene woofer cone and a solid rubber surround that works wonders to ensure strong playback and distortion-free sound. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this product is meant for users on a budget. Here, the Polk Audio DB+ does the trick while offering dynamite value and stellar performance. These speakers have a strong reputation for their sturdy design that optimizes the alignment of the woofer and voice coil.

In addition, this product comes with a high-performance audio system upgrade that surpasses the sound quality of your OEM factory audio system. Its 3/4-inch silk dome tweeter provides crisp sound even at the highest of frequencies. Additionally, the system’s built-in crossover provides an uninterrupted distribution of sound frequencies. Other features on this 5×7 speaker include a waterproof design. It’s a marine certified audio system that resists salt intake, humidity, and UV rays.

3. Best Innovation: Rockford Fosgate Punch 5x7 Speakers

rockford fosgate punch 5x7 2-way full range speakers

Rockford Fosgate is a brand known for innovation in its offerings—and these 5×7 speakers from its Punch lineup are no different. This recommendation comes with two-way full-range speakers, specially designed to replace OEM speakers. They also feature a responsive butyl rubber surround and polypropylene woofer cone that can withstand hours of high volume jams and still gives you high output and precise frequency reproduction.

This product uses innovative technology to join the surround to the cone, which gives approximately 25 percent more cone area, so you’ll hear some power-packed performance. Their PEI dome tweeters also produce crisp high frequencies, even when the bass gets heavy. That said, this is a pricier option, despite being a mid-level speaker. However, the installation is easy, so you can save dollars by setting it up yourself. The butyl rubber surround also protects it against any shock.

To add to that, this product can handle 60 watts continuously, as well as a sensitivity rating of 89dB which helps it produce clear sounds with little to no distortion. Other features include exceptional power handling capabilities, given that it can withstand up to 75 watts of RMS power. This product comes with a full one-year warranty.

4. Best on a Budget: Boss Audio Systems 3-Way Full-Range 5x7 Speakers

boss audio systems 5x7 full-range 3-way speakers

If you’re new in the market and aren’t too confident about features you should be looking for, these Boss Audio speakers are the perfect option to start out with and move your way up. Not only is this a pocket-friendly upgrade to your current stock system, but at 150 watts, it promises powerful volume for the price. One stand out feature for these 5×7 speakers is that the woofer cone is made from polyurethane, which makes this product durable and flexible. Coupled with a heavy-duty voice coil, these speakers can withstand extreme temperatures and still enhance performance through lower weights.

Other features include a responsive rubber surround that can endure high volume jam sessions without any signs of wear and tear. In addition, the Piezoelectric tweeter provides high output and precise frequency reproductions, so you can enjoy a vibrant soundstage. Moreover, given that the tweeter is backed with electrical properties, you can continue to use it without a crossover. This product also comes with a three-year platinum warranty, which helps to secure the value of your investment.

5. Best for Volume: Alpine S-S57 5x7 Inch Coaxial Speaker Set

alpine s-series 5x7 coaxial speakers

Alpine has built some of the best quality car speakers for years on end and this recommendation speaks for this. This product does wonders to boost tone, range, and power handling, and incorporate carbon fiber reinforced woofer cones that make this a sturdy sound system for your car. Their multi-roll rubber surround has a higher amplitude and reduces any distortion, which makes for clear and crisp sound. The 1” silk dome tweeter produces high frequencies with an impeccable precision.

While it is meant to fit every car stereo system, installation can be a bit tricky, so you should check for your OEM speaker dimensions and match them for a hassle-free installation. If this is your first time with Alpine sound systems, this product is one you should start with. It also comes equipped with two adapters that let you augment the sound quality and speaker performance.

What You Need to Know:

As you start off on your hunt for the best car speakers, it’s wise to equip yourself with some basic knowledge of what to look for in 5×7 speakers. If you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you navigate the market and acquire a robust speaker system for your car stereo.   

Here are a few things you need to bear in mind.


One of the most important aspects that you should remember when buying the best 5×7 speakers is their sensitivity, which is a measure of sound output and speaker input.

In laymen’s terms, sensitivity measures a speaker’s efficiency in producing sound with the power it takes in. So, a speaker with a high sensitivity rating won’t need as much power to generate high volume than a speaker with a low rating. So, if your car has a low powered stereo, you’ll need a high sensitivity speaker.

That said, the sensitivity of a speaker doesn’t affect its sound quality. 

Sound Quality or Frequency

How can you tell that the speaker system you have produces quality sound? In this case, the most important factor you should consider is the speaker’s frequency.

For example, you have a 5×7 speaker with a range of 65 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This means that your speaker generates sound on the low end at 65 Hz and on the high end at 20,000 Hz.

In some instances, users witness that a wide range of frequency may result in uninterrupted distortions and unbearable sound. If this happens, consider using a crossover to split the frequencies.

Power Handling

Power handling is the measurement manufacturers use to determine how much power a speaker is capable of operating at. This uses two measurements—Peak (MAX) and RMS.

RMS power handling measures the power a speaker can handle for continuous sound output. On the other hand, Peak or MAX power handling is the power a speaker can take in for short bursts.  

On your search for a new speaker set, look closely at the RMS power rating, as it guides you on the best speaker for your intended use.  

Design And Materials


Woofers determine the quality and responsiveness of a speaker. If the material is lightweight and stiff, it means you have a pair of high-quality speakers on your hands. Polypropylene and Kevlar are the most commonly used material for woofer cones. Manufacturers also use aluminum and titanium in higher-end speakers.      


Woofer surrounding affects the sound quality of the speaker. There are a plethora of materials that manufacturers use to make the woofer surrounding move with as little energy as possible. This includes lightweight, resilient, and free moving.

These sets of materials are essential for the speaker’s performance and durability. The problem occurs when the speakers get old and start wearing out, as this can damage the woofer surroundings.

In woofer surrounding, the most widely used material is rubber surrounding, as it is durable and offers high performance. On the other hand, cloth and foam are used in lower-cost component speakers, so they offer short-term durability.

I Can't Decide. What Would You Recommend?

It really depends on your personal preferences. Ask yourself what features you want to have in your brand new speakers. Some users prefer high volume over sound quality. Others are simply looking for a budget-friendly speaker for jam sessions on short drives to and from work, so high-performance features really aren’t their thing.   

Bear in mind, each speaker offers different strengths.

That said, the Focal 570AC offers top-quality sound, premium structure, and subtle style, making it a tough one to beat. It gives you higher performance at the best price.  

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