Top 10 Best Car Accessories

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
Add convenience to your daily commute with these car accessories.

On average, most of us will spend a good amount of time sitting inside a car. Whether it’s for our daily commute or taking long road trips, there’s little reason not to make that time spent more comfortable and convenient. Although most modern vehicles leave the assembly line packed with quality-of-life features, your particular vehicle might not have everything you need.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what we consider the best car accessories you can buy, all of which are available at an affordable price. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t even know you wanted or needed in your life!

For more information on the best car accessories, check out our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: Maxboost Magnetic Phone Mounts

Don't let distracted driving get the better of you. For less than what you probably spend on lunch each day, you can get yourself a pair of magnetic phone mounts from Maxboost. These small mounts work with any phone and simply slips right into your car's air vent for easy installation and removal. You'll have to stick a metal plate on either the back of your phone, or sandwich it inside your case for the magnets to work.

Each mount uses 4 powerful magnets to ensure your phone won't fall off while you're driving. The reinforced dual-size claw on the back of each mount features a rubberized exterior so it won't damage your car's air vents. Best of all, these mounts are easily adjustable so you can get the best viewing angle on your phone from behind the wheel.

Product features:

  • Affordable magnetic phone mounts
  • Rubberized claw makes for easy installation on car air vents
  • Mount features 4 powerful magnets
  • 360° swivel

Living in today's connected world, having a charged phone has basically become a necessity. Unless you own a newer vehicle that came with built-in USB ports for charging, you'll want to invest into a car charger. There are dozens to choose from and many of them will work. But if you're going to spend any amount of money, you might as well get a unit from a reputable brand.

The Anker Mini Car Charger features 2 USB-A ports that provide a combined 24w, which is enough to full-speed charge 2 phones at once. This charger isn't compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge, but Anker does have options that support QC. Measuring just 1.8" long, this compact charger almost sits flush inside your cigarette lighter receptacle. It boast a scratch-resistant aluminum alloy surface and uses gold-plated circuitry to reduce heat while charging.

Product features:

  • Extremely compact (only 1.8" long)
  • (2) USB-A ports with combined 24w
  • Scratch-resistant aluminum alloy finish
  • Doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • 18-month warranty

Promoted Product: Platinum Shield Car Cover

If your car lives outside, you’re already well aware of how quickly dirt can accumulate over a short period of time. Even on a clear night, your car can end up covered with dust, or get even filthier after it rains or snows. Then there’s bird droppings and other harmful pollutants to contend with. Luckily, outdoor car covers were made for this exact reason, and opting for a top-rated cover like the Platinum Shield Car Cover from can help protect your vehicle from dirt, harsh contaminants and all sorts of weather.

The Platinum Shield Car Cover is engineered to safeguard your car from the elements, with an exterior made of woven polyester that’s been coated in reflective urethane to help prevent mold, rot and mildew while also keeping rain, snow, and the sun’s harmful rays away from your car’s finish. Thanks to the cover’s water-resistant surface, rain runs off as soon as it hits, while this outer layer also prevents tree sap, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants from damaging your paint. Meanwhile, the reflective silver material helps to protect from damage due to UV rays, while also reducing the temperature inside the vehicle, helping prevent damage to interior bits from excessive heat.

Underneath, an ultra-soft fleece liner protects your car from scratches, while an elastic front and rear hem and reinforced tie-points along the sides keep the cover snug during heavy winds. The Platinum Shield Car Cover also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

*This is a sponsored placement.

Product features:

  • Water-resistant material sheds water easily
  • Breathable fabric prevents mold and mildew
  • UV-reflective silver material guards against sun damage
  • Elasticized hems help ensure a snug fit
  • Lifetime limited warranty

In recent years, dash cams have become an extremely popular car accessory, allowing you to record while you're driving, in case there's an accident. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a dash cam however, which is why we recommend this affordable unit from Crosstour. It records 1080p video and has a 3" LCD screen on the back.

This dash cam uses a large aperture, 170° wide angle lens and wide dynamic range (WDR) technology to get clear footage at night, while the built-in G-sensor will allow the dash cam to detect when there's a sudden shake or collision. If it does, it will automatically prevent the video from being overwritten even if it's recording on loop.

Features on this dash cam include loop recording, motion detection, on/off audio, license plate stamp, time stamp, auto power off, screen saver, and burst photo capability.

Product features:

  • Affordable dash cam
  • Records 1080p video
  • 3" LCD
  • 170° wide angle lens with large aperture and WDR
  • Built-in G-Sensor to detect sudden collisions
  • Protects footage from being overwritten
  • Loop recording, motion detection, on/off audio, license plate stamp, time stamp, auto power off, screen saver, burst photo

4. HOTOR Car Trash Can

No matter how hard you try, you're going to end up with trash in your car. But instead of shoving it in your cup holders, door panels, or any other crevice you can find, just buy yourself a car trash can. This versatile unit from HOTOR can be placed on the floor of your car or hung from the seat back for easy access. It even comes with an adjustable strap so it can basically be installed anywhere that is convenient to you.

This car trash can uses waterproof and leakproof material with a durable inner lining. It's easy to wash if necessary and has enough storage to hold a good amount of trash. And if you don't necessarily need it as a trash can—say at the start of a road trip—it's great to store snacks and drinks!

Product features:

  • Can be installed basically anywhere inside your car
  • Adjustable strap
  • Waterproof and leakproof materials
  • Durable inner lining
  • Can also be used for storage

5. Drive Auto Products Trunk Storage Organizer

We use our cars for a lot more than just commuting from point A to point B. That's why another recommended car accessory is this trunk storage organizer from Drive Auto Products. Whether you're picking up groceries or needing to put your kid's sports equipment in your trunk, an organizer keeps it all tidy. More importantly, that means things aren't just rolling around from side-to-side while you're driving.

This trunk organizer features 13 total panels that have been reinforced with heavy duty stiff base plates to keep the organizer upright. It uses a revolutionary tie-down strap system so you can hook it to a cargo net, around your seat backs, or even onto your backseat child safety anchors. Use it on your passenger seat for easy access to items while driving, or hooked down in your trunk for all your grocery runs. The organizer is made with premium Oxford fabric.

Product features:

  • Premium Oxford fabric
  • 13 panels reinforced with heavy duty stiff base plates
  • Revolutionary tie-down strap system
  • Use it in your trunk or as a front seat organizer/storage

6. ULEEKA Backseat Organizers

If you have kids, save yourself from a potential headache by getting a set of backseat organizers. This option from ULEEKA measures 24" by 16" and uses adjustable top and bottom straps for easy installation. Water-resistant and machine-washable fabric makes for easy care—you can even just simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean.

Featuring 9 storage pockets, these backseat organizers can store anything from food snacks to water bottles to books. There is also a built-in touchscreen tablet holder that will accommodate any tablet up to 10" in size. These backseat organizers are manufactured from 600D polyester and come with a 1-year warranty.

Product features:

  • Measures 24" by 16"
  • Adjustable top and bottom straps
  • Water-resistant and machine-washable 600D polyester fabric
  • 9 storage pockets
  • Built-in touchscreen tablet holder
  • 1-year warranty

7. Lebogner Gap Filler Pocket Organizer

Make use of that empty space in between your front seats and your center console with these gap filler pocket organizers from Lebogner. It's likely happened to you: dropping something in between your seats and having to rummage around trying to get it back. These gap fillers solve that issue while giving you extra storage that's easily accessible. They'll fit in any gap space between 0.5" to 1.6", so make sure you do some measuring before ordering.

The pocket organizer itself measures 11.8" by 4.3" by 2" and will fit most vehicles, according to the company. It's made from high quality, water-resistant PU leather and includes Velcro strips for installation. The 100% lifetime money back guarantee is nice too.

Product features:

  • Fills gap between seat and center console
  • Fits in any gap space between 0.5" to 1.6"
  • Measures 11.8" by 4.3" by 2"
  • High quality, water-resistant PU leather
  • Includes Velcro straps
  • 100% lifetime money back guarantee

8. AstroAI Mini Fridge

We know this won't appeal to everyone, but what cooler car accessory is there other than a mini fridge? This unit comes from AstroAI and can cool up to 32°F (0°C) or keep warm up to 150°F (66°C). It boasts 4 liters of storage capacity, giving you the ability to keep half-a-dozen 12-ounce cans in storage. Measuring 5.5" by 5.3" by 8.07", it's compact enough to put anywhere inside your car. When you open up the fridge, there's a removable shelf so you can store other small items like yogurt, fruit, or milk.

The mini fridge comes with 2 plugs, one for standard wall outlets and one for your 12V cigarette lighter receptacle. One thing to note, you should only run the mini fridge while your vehicle's engine is on, otherwise you risk draining your car's battery.

It's environmentally friendly too, using a semiconductor refrigeration chip that is freon-free. A 3-year warranty is included and the fridge is CE, FCC, ETL, and RoHS certified.

Product features:

  • Measures 5.5" by 5.3" by 8.07"
  • Cools up to 32°F (0°C) or warms up to 150°F (66°C)
  • 4 liters of storage capacity
  • Removable shelf
  • Includes 2 plugs (standard wall outlet, 12V cigarette lighter)
  • Freon-free semiconductor refrigeration chip
  • CE, FCC, ETL, and RoHS certified
  • 3-year warranty

9. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

If you have to endure a long commute with frustrating stop-and-go traffic, you might as well try to relax by getting yourself this portable back and neck massager. From Zyllion, this ergonomic and compact pillow massager is designed to fit comfortably behind your neck and body, although in your vehicle it'll mainly be used as a neck massager. It offers powerful deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes along with an advanced heating function that can be easily turned on or off.

Easy-to-use straps allow you to install this on your car's headrest and it includes an adapter so you can use it from inside your vehicle. This is also a great gift idea if you know anyone who spends a lot of their time stuck in traffic.

Product features:

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Heating function
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Includes car adapter
  • Auto shutoff
  • Uses straps for installation

10. Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This product recommendation won't appeal to everybody, but for those who don't have built-in Bluetooth for their car, here's an affordable Bluetooth FM transmitter. It's from Nulaxy and this particular model is compatible with most devices in today's market, allowing you to play your favorite songs via Bluetooth, TF card, or auxiliary cable. It uses advanced noise reduction technology to deliver quality, clear sound to your car's stereo.

A decently-sized LCD display (1.44") shows information such as phone calls, the song that is playing, and your car's battery voltage. Yes, it has a built-in voltmeter so you can monitor the condition of your car's battery. Easily answer phone calls with a push of a button.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get Bluetooth in your car; FM transmitters make the technology accessible to everybody on a budget.

Product features:

  • Compatible with most devices
  • Play music via Bluetooth, TF card, or auxiliary cable
  • Advanced noise reduction technology
  • 1.44" LCD display
  • Built-in voltmeter
  • Answer calls with a push of a button

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