For more than five decades, the Chevrolet Camaro has been an enduring symbol of American muscle car performance and stylish sports car design. While the Camaro’s star faded somewhat after the fourth-generation model was discontinued in 2002, Chevrolet brought its so-called pony car roaring back in 2010 with an all-new design inspired by that of the original late-1960s model. The American automaker shined up its most affordable muscle car even more in 2016 with a sixth-gen model that took all the best things about the car’s 2010 comeback and packaged them up in an even more stylish body.

If you’re one of the many drivers who have been lured by the modern Camaro’s seductive combination of style and performance, you may also have found yourself tempted to personalize your car with aftermarket Chevrolet Camaro accessories. But as with so many iconic vehicles, the Camaro inspires so many add-ons that it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Camaro accessories you can buy to dress up your sporty all-American coupe—inside and out.

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1. Editor's Pick: CUMART Window Louvers

cumart rear side windows louvers chevrolet camaro

Rear window louvers were a popular item in the 1960s and 1970s and were offered as an option on some versions of the Camaro from those decades. Our Editor’s Pick goes to a product that recalls this automotive styling trend from decades past and punches up your late-model Camaro’s retro-inspired styling. This 3-piece set of CUMART louvers includes a large section that fits the rear window, plus two smaller parts for the rear quarter windows.

All three pieces are made of durable ABS plastic and are designed for a perfect fit to give your 2010-2015 Camaro a more aggressive look. Installation is as simple as it gets: once you apply the included double-sided tape to your Camaro’s rear window, you simply press the louver panel into place. Some buyers said they found the tape that came with the kit did not adhere well, so we recommend buying your preferred brand of double-sided tape for a more durable installation.

The smaller side louvers are a lift-off design to make it easy for you to remove them when you want to clean the windows. The large rear-window louver is designed so that it will not interfere with opening your trunk lid. Note that this set of louvers will not fit Camaro models sold after the 2015 model year.

2. RUXIFEY LED Smoked Side Market Lights

ruxifey smoked led side marker lights chevrolet camaro

Part of the reason your Camaro turns heads is because of the shrewd way Chevrolet’s design team integrated the car’s essential lighting elements into its overall design. For example, take the side marker lights on the redesigned 2016 model, which are built into the curve of your car’s wheel arches and normally consist of a reflective panel with a single lightbulb. As nicely as Chevrolet has integrated these into the body of your Camaro, RUXIFEY has an even better idea with its LED replacement side markers.

In this set of four LED side markers, you get two amber lights for the front and two red ones for the rear of your car. The company says its SMD LED chips are brighter than the stock lights, and have the added benefit of making your car look even better. The best part is that these side markers are a plug-and-play design: Once you remove the stock lights, you can connect these LEDs to the car’s wiring harness and snap them into place with no need for tools.

RUXIFEY backs up its lights with a 90-day warranty.

3. Nonesuper Leather Key Fob Case

nonesuper chevrolet key fob cover

Here’s an accessory that can enhance your Camaro ownership experience when you’re not even within sight of your car. Nonesuper makes this sharp leather key case to fit the fob that came with your 2016 through 2020 model year Camaro. Made of genuine leather and featuring real stitching, this case not only makes your Camaro’s key look great, but also protects it from scratches and other damage that can occur in daily use. Not to mention that leather feels more luxurious in your hand than the key fob’s standard plastic casing.

The case comes attached to a metal clip to hook the key to a pants loop, and there’s also a leather strap marked with the Chevrolet logo to help make it easier to find your key in a purse, satchel, or briefcase. The case protects the entirety of your key and has markings on one side that line up with the five buttons on your fob: door lock/unlock, remote engine start, trunk release, and panic alarm.

Chevrolet offered two different fob designs with the 2016-2020 Camaro, and Nonesuper makes its leather key case to fit both, so be sure to order the one that matches your car’s key.

4. Alegender Key Fob Cover

alegender tpu key cover chevrolet camaro

If you’re seeking a simpler, more affordable way to protect and enhance your Camaro’s key fob, Alegender has the answer. Alegender’s design is more of a cover for your fob than a case, wrapping around the sides and back of the fob and leaving the front panel and its buttons exposed, much the way a basic smartphone case fits.

Made of high-gloss thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)—which is like a rubberized plastic—Alegender’s case lends your key fob a soft, premium feel while helping to protect the fob’s electronics from damage if you ever accidentally drop it. The case accommodates your fob’s keyring slot and has a cut-out to show the Chevrolet logo on the back of the fob. Another benefit of TPU is that it allows Alegender to offer this case in a variety of colors. We’re drawn to the red one pictured here, but you can also choose from black, silver, blue, or pink to match or complement the color of your Camaro.

Note that Alegender’s case only fits the Camaro’s optional, more advanced key fob that supports push-button starting and passive keyless entry, and not the entry-level type with the flip-out physical key.

5. BORUIEN A/C Vent Trim Rings

boruien air conditioning vent trim rings chevrolet camaro

We know it’s likely that the Camaro’s exterior styling is a large part of the reason you chose the car in the first place. However, you spend more time looking at the dashboard than any other part of the car, so why not dress up the cabin a bit? One of the simplest ways you can do that is with BORUIEN’s four-piece set of air conditioning vent trim rings for Camaro models sold in 2016 and later.

At first glance, you may find this product’s price off-putting, especially if you’ve become accustomed to expect parts like this to be made of cheap plastic. However, BORUIEN makes these rings out of a high-quality aluminum alloy. Not only does that make them more attractive, but it also ensures they’ll last longer and stand up better to the rigors of everyday use.

Installing these decorative rings could not be easier: each one has adhesive tape on the back, so all you have to do is stick the ring to your Camaro’s stock vent trim. Each package of four rings contains two different sizes: the larger ones fit the center vents, while the smaller ones fit the vents at the left and right sides of the dashboard. You can choose from red and blue colors that match those shades in the Camaro logo.

6. CheroCar Carbon Fiber Console Trim Panels

cherocar carbon fiber trim panel chevrolet camaro

Carbon fiber is a high-tech, lightweight material that is often found on some of the world’s most upscale, high-performance cars. It’s made by wrapping polymer in carbon fibers to create a very strong composite that is lighter than many other materials frequently used in modern vehicles. Now, we can’t tell whether CheroCar’s Camaro interior trim accessories are made of real carbon fiber or are a high-quality imitation, but either way, this is an easy way to bring some go-fast feel to your Camaro’s cabin.

CheroCar sells two different carbon fiber kits. The one we’ve highlighted fits over the shifter bezel in your Camaro’s center console, where it surrounds the shift lever and controls for drive modes and the electric parking brake. The other kit contains three pieces you can apply to your Camaro’s steering wheel. All of these parts are stick-on appliques, so you don’t have to remove your car’s original parts. Simply peel the tape off the adhesive backing and carefully press the pieces into place.

CheroCar recommends that you install these parts in warm weather or, in wintertime, after your car is fully warmed up to ensure reliable adhesion.

7. HIGH FLYING Shift Paddle Extensions

high flying paddle shift extensions chevrolet camaro

If you drive a 2016-2019 Chevrolet Camaro with the optional automatic transmission, it is very likely your car has shift paddles mounted on the steering wheel to make it easier to change gears manually when you get the go-fast bug. If you use those shift paddles frequently, consider adding a set of these HIGH FLYING paddle extensions to make them easier to see and reach. At first glance, these parts look like strictly cosmetic add-ons, but by extending the paddles’ length, you’ll find them easier to reach from wherever your hands are on the steering wheel.

While the stock paddles are made of black plastic, HIGH FLYING makes these extensions out of aluminum, which makes them both more attractive and more durable. We’ve highlighted a red color here, but the company also offers silver and black versions of these parts.

This is yet another example of the benefit of a stick-on piece as opposed to an all-out replacement. You don’t have to remove your car’s existing shift paddles; instead, you simply peel and stick these accessories to the paddles built into your steering wheel. Before you install these parts, HIGH FLYING recommends gently warming up the included adhesive tape with a hair dryer or heat gun to ensure good adhesion.

8. Dwindish Cup Holder Mat Set

dwindish 9-piece cup holder mat set chevrolet camaro

No matter how careful you are, your vehicle’s upholders will get messy over time thanks to spills from coffee cups or cans of energy drink. Rubber mats that fit in the bottom of the cupholder can be a big help, but who says these practical pieces have to be boring? Dwindish wants to help you personalize your car and keep it tidy while playing up its pony car heritage with this nine-piece set of mats bearing the iconic Camaro logo.

This set protects a lot more than just your Camaro’s cupholders. It also includes mats for the bottoms of the door pockets, the center console bin, and several other storage areas in your car’s interior. Designed for the 2016-up Camaro, these mats are made of rubber and sport the Camaro logo surrounded by bright red trim.

Want to know a side benefit of these practical mats? No one who rides with you as a passenger will ever have to ask what kind of car you drive.

9. Lloyd Mats Camaro-Branded Floor Mats

lloyd mats signature rubber all-weather floor mats chevrolet camaro

If none of our recommendations so far satisfy your desire to play up your Camaro’s sports car heritage, the floor mat specialists at Lloyd Mats have this set of custom-fit branded floor mats to help up your branding game. This is one of the most expensive items on our list, but we think it’s a good value: not only do these mats proudly display the Camaro logo on them, but they are also designed to be an exact fit for the driver and front passenger footwells of the sixth-generation Camaro first sold in 2016.

These are not all-weather mats, but they are textured to help collect water and dirt—and the odd food or drink spill. These rubber mats are backed with grippy nubs to keep them from sliding under your feet, and the driver’s mat has holes that fit around the mat anchors in your Camaro’s carpet. This listing is for a two-piece set of front floor mats, but Lloyd Mats also sells a four-piece kit that includes smaller mats for the rear-seat footwells.

10. LFOTPP Touchscreen Protector

lfotpp car navigation screen protector chevrolet camaro

One of the many ways your modern Camaro differs from the classic model that inspired its styling is that today’s version has a sophisticated infotainment touchscreen system. If you’re worried about the potential for damage to that display as your car ages, consider this screen protector from LFOTPP. Surprisingly, this screen protector is made from tempered glass, not the plastic material you’d expect for a modest price.

Despite placing an extra layer between your fingers and the touchscreen, LFOTPP promises its protector will not interfere with the display’s responsiveness. It is also designed to be easy to clean and resist scratching. One buyer claims this screen protector improved the look of their Camaro’s display by enhancing the contrast.

LFOTPP says installation is simple: make sure your car’s touchscreen is clean, then peel off the protective plastic sheet, and the glass will stick to your car’s stock screen. You may want to wear gloves during installation to prevent fingerprints and smudges. The protector is removable, too.

Are there any types of Chevrolet Camaro accessories you should avoid?

best chevrolet camaro accessories

Photo credit: Chevrolet

We approached compiling this list of Camaro accessories with a critical eye toward choosing high-quality items that improve or complement this car’s design and functionality. We recommend you do the same when choosing how to personalize your pony car. You should look for accessories made of high-quality materials. For example, if you’re shopping for shift paddles or vent trim rings to enhance your interior’s look and feel, consider products that are made of aluminum rather than plastic.

Also, all the items we included here were designed specifically for the fifth- and sixth-generation Camaro models, which ensures a proper fit. That’s especially important if you’re looking at something like floor mats. You may balk at the price tag for quality floor mats, but keep in mind you’re paying for the design work to ensure they won’t get in the way of your pedals and create an unsafe driving situation.

Also, watch out for accessories that affect your vehicle’s functionality. Adding shift paddle extensions may make it harder to use the stereo controls on the back of the Camaro’s steering wheel. While that’s not a critical issue, it’s something to keep in mind when choosing any aftermarket item for your car.

Can aftermarket accessories affect your vehicle’s resale value?

Yes, they absolutely can. You have to remember that what you think looks great on your Camaro could be a total turn-off to another car enthusiast’s eyes. Not that you should let that influence what accessories you choose, but you should keep in mind the longer-term considerations of modifying your vehicle. The opposite is also true however, as accessories can make a vehicle more enticing to a potential buyer.

All the items we’ve included on our list are removable, so even if you decide to sell or trade-in your Camaro, you can easily take them off before you do so if you’re concerned your customizations may have a negative effect on your car’s resale value.

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Photo credit: Chevrolet