The Best Chevrolet Corvette Accessories to Enhance Your Sports Car

Chris Chase
by Chris Chase

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the auto industry’s most recognizable sports cars. What started out as an upscale muscle car in the 1950s has evolved through the decades into an excellent all-around performance model that put Chevrolet into the same speed arena as some of Europe’s most sought-after two-doors. That’s especially true of the last two generations of Corvette—the C7 and C8—from which you can expect equally breathtaking performance on a road course and at the drag strip. The Chevrolet Corvette is just as appealing for its low-slung appearance, which was designed not only to catch your eye, but also those of anyone else on the road.

While the Corvette is a great deal compared to many European sports cars, it’s still an expensive vehicle to buy, so when you’re looking for the best Corvette accessories, we suggest you choose items that can either help preserve your car’s resale value or add practicality to make your Corvette easier to live with on a daily basis. Whatever your reason for wanting to accessorize your Corvette, there is no shortage of products you can choose from.

To help narrow things down, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best Corvette accessories. We’ve tried to cover all the bases here, with items that enhance the already high quality of the Corvette’s design, others that we think add usefulness, and, finally, accessories conceived to keep your car well-protected when you store it away during the off-season.

For more information on the best Chevrolet Corvette accessories, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor’s Pick: Custom Car Grills Mesh Grilles

The C8 Corvette that Chevrolet introduced in 2020 is a mid-engine model engineered for optimal front-rear weight balance. But even though the engine is behind you, the C8 has radiators and air conditioning condensers hidden behind a pair of grilles in the car’s front end. However, those grilles offer little protection for your car’s precious radiator and condenser against damage caused by rocks and other road debris. That’s why the Editor’s Pick on our list of best Corvette accessories is this set of mesh grille inserts for the C8 Corvette’s front end.

Made from 1/16-inch aluminum, these mesh inserts are designed for a snug fit behind your Corvette’s stock grilles and feature a durable powder-coated finish. The hexagon design matches the pattern on the car’s stock trunk and rear bumper, and the driver’s side insert has a cutout that gives you easy access to the manual release for the C8’s front trunk.

With your purchase, Custom Car Grills includes cable ties to fasten the grille inserts in place, as well as a link to a video with detailed installation instructions.


A simple fix for a C8 Corvette design flaw, installation requires no special tools


Installation is not especially quick, you may need to raise the front of the car to access the space behind the front grilles

2. Justautotrim Carbon Fiber-Look Console Trim Panel

One of the easiest ways you can dress up the interior of any sports car is with aftermarket trim pieces, like this Justautotrim console molding insert for the C7 Corvette that Chevrolet sold from 2014 through 2019. Justautotrim is upfront with you about the fact that this trim piece is not made from real carbon fiber; if it was, it would cost a lot more than what the company charges.

Still, this is a good-looking part that makes a big difference in the look of your C7’s cabin, replacing a stock piece made of plain black plastic that looks out of place in this exotic car. To replicate the look of real carbon fiber, Justautotrim uses two layers of paint and a transparent topcoat.

You can install this part yourself even if you don’t have a lot of experience working on cars. Once you have removed the stock part, Justautotrim suggests cleaning the mounting surface with rubbing alcohol before gently heating up the included double-sided tape and pressing it into place. And when it comes time to return your C7 Corvette to its stock form, you can remove this part by once again heating up the double-sided tape and pulling it away from the console.


The vast majority of buyers report a perfect fit, design looks good despite not being real carbon fiber


One buyer said the fitment only looked good when viewed from directly above, another said the replica carbon fiber clashes with any real carbon fiber parts you may already have in your car

3. Justautotrim Carbon Fiber-Look Interior Door Handle Molding

Once you’ve started dressing up your C7 Corvette’s interior with aftermarket trim pieces, it can be hard to stop. If you’ve caught the bug after customizing your center console piece, we’d like to help you keep going with this set of door handle trim pieces made of faux carbon fiber material. Your C7 Corvette has small trim panels on its interior door pulls, which have cutouts for the electronic door release buttons. That’s what this pair of trim pieces replace.

Since the door handles are among the interior parts you touch most frequently, it also makes sense to protect the trim from normal every day wear and tear. These are direct-fit parts, so once you remove the stock pieces, you can simply put these replacements on in their place without making any other modifications to your Corvette’s interior.

Installation is straightforward: Justautotrim says once you’ve carefully removed the stock parts, all you have to do is gently warm up the included double-sided tape, apply it to the door handle, and press the carbon fiber panels into place.


A quality facsimile of carbon fiber at a fraction of the price, includes double-sided tape for easy installation


These parts only come in a glossy finish, while the C7’s stock interior has a matte surface

4. Lloyd Mats Trunk Mats

One of the more interesting features of your C8 Corvette’s mid-engine design is that it allowed Chevrolet’s engineers to build front and rear trunks into the body. These help to make the car more practical for everyday use, whether you’re running to the grocery store for a few essentials or heading out for a day of golf. But one thing you may be worried about is the possibility of getting those cargo areas dirty.

If that’s one of your concerns, you may be interested in this set of trunk mats for the C8 Corvette from the auto mat experts at Lloyd Mats. These trunk mats are designed to be a perfect fit in your C8 Corvette’s cargo areas. Both mats are beautifully finished with red trim and short-pile black carpeting surrounding the iconic Corvette logo.

While you may be hesitant to spend this much money on mats that will be hidden away in your Corvette’s cargo areas, one practical benefit is that these mats add some padding to the cargo floors, which can help protect your groceries and other delicate cargo from damage while en route.


A gorgeous design, emblazoned with the iconic Corvette logo


Expensive, these mats may be too nice to hide away in the trunk

5. Trunknets Cargo Shade Cover

If you drive a C7 Corvette, your sports car has a practical trunk in the rear under a large hatchback opening. While that lets you carry a useful amount of cargo, the window in the hatch doesn’t provide much privacy if you have to leave items in the car while it’s parked.

Trunknets has a solution for that in this two-piece set of cargo covers for the C7. One part stretches between the wheel wells, while you install the other on the hatch itself. Between the two fabric panels, you wind up with a completely private trunk to help protect your items from prying eyes. As an added bonus, the upper cargo cover has the Corvette’s modern Stingray logo on it to play up your car’s connection to the original Sting Ray (note the different capitalization) of the 1960s.

Trunknets makes this set of cargo covers to perfectly fit your C7 Corvette’s stock cargo net attachment points, so you won’t need to make any modifications to your car to use this kit.


Designed for a perfect fit in your C7 Corvette, can help prevent UV damage to interior materials, good customer service


Some buyers wish the Sting Ray logo was more easily visible through the closed hatchback, another shopper said the lower cover didn’t fit well

6. Thie2e Cargo Net for C7 Corvette

If your aim is to make your C7 Corvette as practical as possible, you might want to consider this cargo net from Thie2e. Unlike most of the items on our list of the best Corvette accessories, Thie2e’s cargo net is a universal-fit product designed to work in almost any vehicle. However, we’ve included this product here because we think it’s a useful addition to a car designed more for performance than practicality with its trunk being best suited to carrying numerous small items.

This net, which is made of durable polyester, has three compartments nicely sized for grocery bags or small toolboxes. It’s adjustable in width between 44 inches and 56 inches, so it will fit your C7 Corvette’s trunk.

If you’re aiming for maximum practicality, you’ll be pleased to know this cargo net will fit underneath many lower privacy covers that are offered by the aftermarket.


For owners of targa top Corvettes, this net fits under the top when it’s stowed in the trunk, a handy way to keep items like groceries from moving around while you drive


One buyer said the cargo net did not fit as tightly as they would have liked, does not come with installation instructions

7. JGR Jack Pads

Sports cars are designed to go fast, and speed requires clean aerodynamics. One way Chevrolet’s engineers created the C7 Corvette’s wind-cheating shape was by keeping the body low to the ground. But while that looks great and lets the Corvette slice through the air at highway speeds, it means the jacking points you use to lift the car off the ground to change a flat tire, for example, are hard to reach.

That’s where jacking pucks like this set from JGR come up. When you need to lift the car off the ground, you simply install a puck at the corner of the car that requires attention, fit the jack into the puck, and lift away. Sold in a set of four, JGR’s jacking pucks are made of high-quality billet aluminum so you can count on them when you need them. They’re also available in four colors: there’s a plain black colorway, along with patriotic blue, red, and silver to suit the Corvette’s American muscle car heritage.

Note that you must remove these jacking pucks before you drive the car.


Also fits C6 and C8 Corvette models, comes in a set of four so you can install them at all four corners of the car at once


Must be removed before you drive the car, colored versions look great but will probably get scratched in regular use

8. Corvette America Onyx Car Cover

The Corvette’s fiberglass bodywork ensures that much of your sports car is impervious to the rust that winter road salt can cause. Still, this is not a car that was designed for winter driving in mind, so if you’re new to Corvette ownership, you may want to invest in some of the items you’ll need for winter storage, like this Corvette America Onyx cover for the C8 Corvette.

As with all the best car covers, this one is designed specifically to fit the sleek shape of your C8 Corvette, with custom-hemmed mirror pockets for your car’s side mirrors. One thing to note is that, unlike many such products, this car cover is not waterproof, so Corvette America recommends it for indoor storage only. Still, the cover is made of a lycra/spandex/polyester blend that easily stretches over your C8’s body, with front and rear hems that wrap under your car’s bumpers.

The stretchy material also ensures you can fit this cover over any OEM rear spoiler, or an aftermarket one that is about the same size as one offered from the factory.


Made of soft material to protect your car’s paint, includes storage bag


Not waterproof, for indoor storage only

9. Genuine GM Corvette Battery Charger

Another necessity for winter storage of your Corvette is a battery charger or maintainer to help keep your battery from going flat while it’s tucked away in your garage—and this one, from General Motors’ genuine parts catalog, could not be easier to use. One end of this battery maintainer plugs into any household 110-volt power outlet, and the other end fits your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter-type port. Once connected at both ends, this charger allows your car’s 12-volt power outlet to direct current to the battery, preventing it from becoming discharged due to long periods of disuse.

While this battery maintainer can technically be used with any generation of Corvette, it is ideally suited to the C7, which has a 12-volt outlet in the cargo area that is well-placed for this purpose.

One buyer said they leave the tailgate ajar while they have this charger connected: the car’s interior lights will turn off automatically after a period of time, and when you start the car, the “trunk open” indicator will remind you to disconnect the charger before your first springtime drive.


An extremely straightforward way to prevent battery drain, includes a carrying case, compact for easy storage


Not an efficient method of recharging a dead battery, not designed for outdoor use

10. Lloyd Mats Corvette All-Weather Floor Mats

Even if you don’t drive your Corvette in messy winter weather, you will inevitably end up driving it in the rain from time to time, and in such an event it can be nice to equip your car with a quality set of rubber floor mats to help keep the carpets dry. And you won’t find many aftermarket floor mats better than those made by Lloyd Mats, a company with decades of experience designing custom-fit mats for modern vehicles.

These mats are part of the company's Signature Rubber Line, and are emblazoned with the Corvette logo. Lloyd Mats uses Chevrolet’s trademarks under license, which means these mats are no cheap knock-offs. Keep that in mind when you look at the price: They’re not inexpensive, but this brand has an excellent reputation for quality products that look and fit like they come straight out of GM’s aftermarket parts catalog.

This is a two-piece kit, so you get mats for both the driver and passenger footwells. Lloyd Mats also sells a three-piece set that includes a mat for the cargo area.


An effective way to protect your Corvette’s carpets from water and dirt, all-rubber construction ensures easy cleaning


Expensive, only designed to fit the coupe and not the convertible

Are Chevrolet Corvette accessories expensive?

Photo credit: Chevrolet

When buying accessories for a car like the Corvette, you should focus more on quality than price. Typically, aftermarket parts for a niche car like the Corvette can be more expensive than those for a more common vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend wild amounts of money to get well-made accessories for your Corvette.

A good example is a set of mesh radiator grille inserts, designed for the C8 Corvette. We consider a product like this, when well-made, to be a high-value addition to the C8. That's because the C8 marked a major evolution compared to the generation of Corvette that came before, thanks to its mid-engine layout. Grille inserts not only lend your C8 Corvette a subtle visual boost, but they are also a useful addition because they protect the car’s radiators from damage that can lead to fluid leaks—a benefit that we think is worth more than the product's modest price.

You can pay nearly as much for a carbon fiber-like trim panel. To some, that may look like a "poorer" value for the money, but, again, if it appears to be a high-quality part, and if it helps you enjoy your Corvette ownership experience a little more, then why not?

Can quality accessories increase your Corvette’s resale value?

One thing to keep in mind when buying accessories for your Corvette is that you can’t count on aftermarket parts to increase your car’s resale value—especially when it comes to purely cosmetic additions. However, if you choose accessories like floor mats or grille inserts, they can have a positive effect on resale value because of the protection they offer.

When it comes time to sell your car, an item like a cargo cover kit can make your car a better deal to someone in the market for a used Corvette, because of the way it boosts the car’s everyday practicality.

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