When the Nissan 350Z first hit the market, it quickly became a popular option among car enthusiasts and tuners worldwide. That meant plenty of parts from the aftermarket as customized 350Z sports cars filled the halls of car shows and drift events nationwide. Nowadays, the Nissan 350Z is an affordable option on the used car market, and if you’ve recently acquired one as a project or a weekend fun car, you’re likely looking for some parts. One of the biggest upgrades you can make to your Nissan 350Z is a proper set of coilovers, but picking the right one is no easy task.

The days of limited options with very little customization are gone, as suspension manufacturers now offer custom spring rates, valving, and more. That means shopping for a set of coilovers can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. But if you’ve ended up on this article, you’ve taken the correct first step.

Below, you’ll find our picks for the best Nissan 350Z coilovers, drawing on decades of experience within the aftermarket and building project cars for both street and track use. We’ll detail what each option has to offer and the type of driver they’re ideal for, as well as provide detailed information on coilover features and what to look for when shopping for a set.

For more information on the best Nissan 350Z coilovers, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: KW Variant 2 Coilovers

kw variant 2 inox coilovers nissan 350z

Having built over a dozen project cars over the years, I’ve tried and tested at least 15 different suspension brands in my lifetime, if not more. One brand that I’ve ultimately used numerous times on several vehicles, including AutoGuide.com’s Project BRZ, is KW. For most vehicles, you’ll find the KW Variant 2 coilovers do a great job balancing performance and comfort, making them ideal for a daily driver. These coilovers use KW’s stainless steel technology that it calls “inox-line”, which means the coilovers are made from stainless steel from the strut to the trapezoid thread and even vehicle-specific connections. Combined with corrosion-resistant springs and elastomers, these coilovers should last you for the life of your vehicle.

The KW Variant 2 coilovers for the Nissan 350Z allow you to adjust the damper setting (16 clicks of adjustments) so you can fine tune the system based on your needs. Of course, they’re individually height adjustable, offering you the ability to lower your sports coupe anywhere from 0.8 inches to 1.5 inches. They may not offer the most aggressive drop, but for some owners it’s more than enough.

Product features:

  • Adjustable dampening
  • Stainless steel “inox-line” construction
  • TÜV tested
  • Ideal for daily drivers who want performance and comfort

2. Best on a Budget: ISR Performance Pro Coilovers

isr performance pro coilovers nissan 350z

A fantastic option on a budget comes from ISR Performance with its Pro coilovers. The company built upon the popularity and success of its Basic coilovers to release a more refined, higher-end option that provides 32-way dampening control for better overall performance. Designed for street and the occasional track use, these coilovers are a bit softer on the spring rates than some comparable options (14K front, 12K rear) to provide a comfortable ride with improved handling. They sport a monotube design and includes front pillowball upper camber mounts. Helping enhance durability are high-end Japanese bearings.

If you’re shopping for a set of coilovers for your Nissan 350Z, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of drifting. If you’ve watched the Formula D series in the U.S., you may have noticed ISR Performance-sponsored cars out there competing on the track using ISR Performance’s coilovers.

Product features:

  • 32-way dampening control
  • Monotube design
  • Front pillowball upper camber mounts
  • Japanese bearings
  • 14K front, 12K rear spring rates

3. Best for Amateur Drifting: BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

bc racing br series coilovers nissan 350z

Interested in entry-level drifting or competing at your local Pro-am event and need a set of coilovers for your 350Z? The BC Racing BR Series coilovers are the best bang for the buck, according to the experts at Enjuku Racing. Straight out of the box, they offer great performance and if you’re running some custom suspension pieces of even a swapped engine underneath the hood that’s heavier than the factory VQ, BC Racing offers custom spring rates at no extra charge.

These coilovers have a monotube shock design with linear piston and damping curve, and you can choose from 30 clicks of simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment. Along with custom spring rates, the company also offers Swift springs as an option, a well-known Japanese manufacturer of springs.

Go with these coilovers if you have limited knowledge on suspension setups and want something that performs well with straightforward adjustments. 

Product features:

  • Highly customizable
  • Monotube shock design
  • Linear piston and damping curve
  • 30 clicks of simultaneous compression/rebound adjustment
  • Available with custom spring rates or Swift springs
  • One-year warranty
  • Fully rebuildable

4. Best for Weekend Track Use: Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers

fortune 500 series coilovers nissan 350z

Do you have a weekend warrior track car? Love tackling the twisties with little interest in going sideways? Fortune Auto specializes in bespoke suspension systems, with every set hand-built to offer impressive quality control. The goal of the latest 500 Series coilovers, according to Fortune Auto, was to create the “best single adjustable system on the market at a very affordable price point.” Still, with that being said, you may find them to cost a bit more than other recommendations on our list, but you’re getting better performance for the price.

These coilovers are equipped with premium chrome silicon springs, a special alloy that offers better performance, longevity, and ride quality when compared to a traditional spring. Like BC Racing’s BR Series coilovers, you can also order Fortune Auto’s 500 Series with Swift springs if that’s what you prefer. You’ll also benefit from Flow Digressive piston technology, which allows for stiff low-speed compression and rebound force. According to Fortune Auto, this gives more control of driver inputs, and at fast stroke speeds, the suspension becomes supple in response to bumps and irregularities in the road for maximum control. For bearings, Fortune 500 uses Koyo Japan radial bearings for less bind, noise-free operation, and smoother steering response. Configure your setup with 24-step rebound adjustable dampers.

Best of all? You’ll get a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, and these coilovers are rebuildable and revalvable.

Product features:

  • Monotube damper with high pressure nitrogen
  • FA synthetic shock oil
  • Aluminum T6 6061 mounts and camber plates
  • Flow Digressive technology
  • 24-step rebound adjustable dampers
  • Rebuildable and revalvable
  • Premium chrome silicone spring
  • Available with Swift springs
  • Five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

5. BC Racing DS Series Coilovers

bc racing ds series coilovers nissan 350z

Did the BC Racing BR Series coilovers catch your eye but want something that leans more heavily towards track use? Consider the DS Series from BC Racing, which takes advantage of a proprietary digressive piston design to offer increased damping force at low piston velocities, while maintaining a linear damper feel at high piston velocities. According to BC Racing, one of the greatest advantages of this technology relates to what the driver feels, such as roll, pitch, dive, and quick weight transitions on technical road courses.

Like the BR Series coilovers, these are highly customizable and you can get custom spring rates or Swift springs. They also offer 30 clicks of simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment along with pillowball mounts. If you’re seeking a set of coilovers that are more track focused and love the build quality of BC Racing, the DS Series should be towards the top of your list with its digressive piston and damping curve. It’s the key difference between the BR and DS series. Again, you’ll get a one-year warranty with these.

Product features:

  • Highly customizable
  • Monotube shock design
  • Digressive piston and damping curve
  • 30 clicks of simultaneous compression/rebound adjustment
  • Available with custom spring rates or Swift springs
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect

6. Silver's NeoMax Coilovers

silver's neomax coilovers nissan 350z

Founded in 1999, Silver’s specializes in delivering high-performance suspension at an affordable price. The company was created after years of racing time attack and constantly changing suspension setups, realizing they all had major flaws. With Silver’s NeoMax coilovers, you’re getting 24 levels of dampening adjustability, adjustable aluminum T6 6061 front camber plates, and Koyo Japan radial bearings. At the heart of it all is a 44mm piston with digressive-style valving characteristics to provide low speed damping response while maintaining a comfortable ride. A high-strength carbon steel 52mm diameter seamless shock tube accompanies the monotube shock design.

The cold-bent springs are made from high-strength SAE9254 steel and they can be ordered with custom spring rates. Like other companies that have bespoke coilover offerings, Silver’s also offers the option of upgrading to Swift springs. If you’re choosing the basics, you’ll get 12K front, 8K rear spring rates.

Silver’s offers an 18-month limited manufacturer’s warranty with its coilovers.

Product features:

  • Adjustable T6 6061 aluminum front camber plates
  • Koyo Japan radial bearings
  • 24 levels of dampening adjustability
  • 44mm piston with digressive-style valving characteristics
  • High-strength carbon steel seamless shock tube
  • Monotube shock design
  • SAE9254 steel cold-bent springs
  • Available with custom spring rates or Swift springs
  • Standard spring rates: 12K front, 8K rear
  • 18-month limited manufacturer’s warranty

7. Stance Suspension XR1 Coilovers

stance suspension xr1 coilovers nissan 350z

Another well-known brand in the suspension industry is Stance Suspension and the company’s XR1 coilovers is a great option for the 350Z. These coilovers feature digressive valving, similar to other recommendations on our list. The technology produces high damping forces at low shaft velocities, along with softer damping forces at high shaft velocities. This gives better control of chassis movement and provides quicker feedback to the driver, making them a great option for occasional track use as well.

These 16-way damping adjustable coilovers come with solid pillowball upper mounts in the front, and rubber mounts for the rear. They sport a monotube design with a 45mm strut shaft for increased rigidity to help prevent the damper from binding under heavy loads. The chromoly steel piston rods have been heat treated, chrome plated, and machined to precise tolerances for consistent, reliable performance. Aluminum components include the lower brackets, locking collars, and spring seats. Not surprisingly, Stance also offers its coilovers with optional Swift springs (front only). If you opt for the factory springs, they come with 12K front, 8K rear spring rates.

Product features:

  • 16-way damping adjustable
  • Cold wound linear spring
  • Monotube design
  • Aluminum collars and upper mounts
  • Stock spring rates: 12K front, 8K rear
  • Available with Swift springs (front)

8. A'PEXi N1 ExV Coilovers

a'pexi n1 exv damper coilovers nissan 350z

If you’ve paid any attention to the automotive aftermarket in the past 20 or so years, you’ve more than likely seen the A’PEXi logo. The famous Japanese brand is well known for various performance components, including its coilovers. Our nod goes to its N1 ExV Damper coilovers, with ExV short for “Expert Type V.” This full coilover suspension takes advantage of a threaded base for precise ride height adjustment without compromising shock or spring travel. High-performance upper mounts are included, along with 32-way damping adjustment so you can setup your 350Z for the street or the track.

According to A’PEXi, the N1 ExV Damper was actually designed to cater exclusively to U.S.-market vehicles, by engineering its internal components to withstand harsher road conditions and increased wear that can be caused by everyday street driving. They feature a monotube design with 62mm inner diameter springs and solid upper points. Front spring rates are 10K, while the rear are 8K.

Product features:

  • Well-known aftermarket brand
  • 32-way damping adjustment
  • 62mm inner diameter spring
  • Monotube design
  • Solid upper mounts
  • 10K front, 8K rear spring rates

9. Feal Suspension 441/441+ Coilovers

feal coilovers nissan 350z

At this point, we’ve covered a wide range of different 350Z coilover options, but if nothing has appealed to you just yet, take a look at these coilovers from Feal Suspension. These are one-way damping adjustable coilovers, with the base 441 model coming with Feal springs with 12K front spring rates and 5K rear spring rates. Opt for the 441+ model and you’ll get Swift springs with available custom spring rates. There is even a Road Racing option, where Feal will gather information about your car such as tire size, rating, and effective aero components to custom hand-build a kit specifically for your road racing needs.

With these coilovers, you get 30 clicks of precise, incremental damping adjustments and every set includes dyno graphs of the coilovers being tested at various shock speeds. High viscosity index synthetic shock fluid is used in construction, along with friction-reducing assembly lubricant. Each set is hand built with custom valving profiles and nitrogen pressures, and you can get custom valving with the 441+ variant. Aluminum top mounts, high-quality low friction seals and rod guide bushings, as well as high flow pistons round out all the features for Feal’s 441/441+ coilovers.

Product features:

  • One way adjustable, 30 clicks for damping
  • Swift springs on 441+ model
  • 12K front, 5K rear spring rates
  • Includes dyno sheet
  • High Flow Precision Damping (HFPD)
  • Super low friction seals and rod guide bushings
  • Monotube design
  • Independent height adjustment

10. Megan Racing EZ II Series Coilovers

megan racing ez ii series coilovers nissan 350z

Last on our list is a set of coilovers from Megan Racing. This brand is known in the industry for its budget-minded offerings that doesn’t compromise performance and quality. The Megan Racing EZ II Series coilovers cover the basic essentials you’d want from a quality set of coilovers, with a monotube design and conservative spring rates (10K front, 8K rear). They offer 15 levels of adjustable damper strength and come equipped with aluminum brackets with rubber inserts, and rubber dust covers.

As you can tell, these aren’t the same level of coilovers as the customizable options we’ve covered elsewhere on our list, nor does it offer as much adjustability. These are ideal for Nissan 350Z owners who are looking to improve the handling of their vehicle for daily driving, while also getting the ability to adjust the ride height and damping. There are better options if you’re planning to hit the track, but for street and show on a tight budget, these are a good choice. Oh yeah, Megan Racing includes a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Product features:

  • Conservative spring rates (10K front, 8K rear)
  • 15 levels of adjustable damper strength
  • Aluminum brackets with rubber inserts
  • Rubber dust covers
  • Monotube design
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

What are the differences between lowering springs and coilovers?

best nissan 350z coilovers

Photo credit: Jason Siu / AutoGuide.com

When it comes to wanting to lower your vehicle, you have three main options: lowering springs, coilovers, and air suspension. We won’t talk much about air suspension here, as enthusiasts tend to avoid that option since it’s typically expensive and complex to install. But if you must know, air suspension is the way to go if you really want to put your car to the ground or raise it to a reasonable height without having to get out of your car.

Since you are shopping for coilovers, you’re probably more interested in knowing the differences between lowering springs and coilovers. When shopping for lowering springs, you’re only getting replacement springs that give you a lower ride height and typically higher spring rates for better handling. Installing just lowering springs also means you won’t get to adjust the height of your vehicle, since you’re retaining the factory shocks. Coilovers replace your entire factory strut and not only gives you the ability to adjust the ride height, but most options also have damping adjustments.

If you don’t plan on taking your vehicle to the track and your concern is more about looks than performance, a set of lowering springs may be all you need. Just make sure you’re getting a set of springs that lower your car just enough to make you happy, since they aren’t adjustable.

If your concern is ride quality in addition to giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance, you’ll likely want a set of coilovers. They typically offer better ride quality since it’s an entire package designed for the springs and shocks to work together.

What is damper adjustment?

If you’ve read through all of our options, you may have noticed the coilovers offer damping adjustability. But what exactly is that and how does it benefit you and your car? Damping, or dampening, controls the travel speed and resistance of your vehicle’s suspension. In the most basic sense, adjusting it will either give your car a softer or stiffer ride. For most daily drivers, you’ll want to adjust the damping for comfort, but when it comes to the track, you’ll likely want a stiffer ride. Now this is a very broad answer and if you’re looking for the best performance from your suspension setup, that takes a lot more knowledge and testing. There are other variables to consider too, including the track you’re at, and any other suspension components your vehicle might have.

If you have limited knowledge on how to properly setup your suspension, you might actually be wasting your money on more complex two- or three-way coilovers. Just because a set of coilovers is “the best” in a lineup doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Improperly setting up the compression, rebound, and damping on your suspension can make your vehicle actually handle worse than a set of one-way adjustable coilovers. You might subscribe to the principle of “keep it simple, stupid” which means testing a few clicks stiffer, or a few clicks softer on the damper and seeing the results might be more than sufficient.

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Photo credit: Jason Siu / AutoGuide.com