2023 Kia Soul EV Review

Your eyes do not deceive you, American readers: the Kia Soul EV lives on, you’ve just got to head north to find one.

Over the years, Canada has enjoyed a handful of unique models our southern neighbors have not. The Nissan Micra, the Toyota Echo hatchback (pre-Yaris), the Chevrolet Orlando—an ironic one, that. The third-generation Soul’s all-electric variant was meant for the land of Stars and Stripes too, but complications in early 2020—ahem—had Kia refocus its US EV plan with the one-two punch of the EV6 and latest Niro EV.

We like those two cars well enough. Has Kia oversaturated the market with a trio of cars that are all close to one another in price? Or is Kia US missing an opportunity for a stylish anchor to its EV lineup? We spent a week with the Soul EV to find out.

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Detailed Specs

Price / $19,790 - $24,090
Engine / 2.0-liter 4-cylinder
Power / 147 hp
Torque / 132 lb-ft
Transmission / CVT
Drivetrain / FWD
Fuel Economy (city/hwy) / 28–29 mpg / 33–35 mpg
Cargo capacity / 23.4–24.2 cu ft

Our Final Verdict

Kia Soul

Performance 7.0
Features 7.0
Comfort 8.0
Quality and Styling 7.0
Value 8.0