Justin Mastine-Frost

Justin Mastine-Frost

Gear Editor Send a tip Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, Watches—if it has gears somewhere in its inner workings, there's a good chance he has an interest in it. As Gear Editor, Justin leverages his technical background as an automotive technician and his dozen years of experience as a journalist to break down products, parts, accessories, tools, and other items in a manner more suited to a broader audience. He's also tasked with sniffing out deals and promotions in these same categories.

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Sailun Inspire Review — Lessons in Value

When a tire brand reaches out about a tire test day, what you typically expect is a bit of time at the wheel on a closed course, packaged with hours of brand execs preaching to you about the countless ways they believe that they are the best game in town. While the first half of…

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