Dodge Grand Caravan Hybrid

The Chrysler minivan, a bread and butter vehicle for the company since 1984, has never been known as a paragon of advanced technology—other than cupholders and other consumer-pleasing tech like power side doors and Stow-and-Go seats.

Adding a hybrid system makes sense for a family-oriented people-mover like the minivan. Chrysler has been losing market share in the shrinking minivan segment to Honda and Toyota in the middle and high end—and Hyundai and Kia on the low end.

Canada’s Windsor Star—not coincidentally the hometown paper of the site of one of Chrysler’s minivan plants—reported that the company has decided to put a full-hybrid system in the Grand Caravan. The technology could lift city fuel economy into the mid-20 mpg range, and highway mileage into the 30s. A Chrysler spokesperson provided a non-denial denial about the hybrid minivan. “All our vehicles are under consideration” for new propulsion technologies, he said.

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We will report any and all available news about a Dodge Grand Caravan Hybrid as details become available.

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