Bentley, Biofuels and the Environment


As well as debuting the Continental GTC Speed, the Bentley press conference focused on the company’s commitment to the environment. By 2012 Bentley aims to achieve a long list of green changes for its entire lineup.

For starters, Bentley aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 percent by applying new technologies to the current vehicles as well as using new transmissions and drivelines. Also, the company plans to begin reducing the weight of its cars – an area where Bentley certainly has a lot of room to work with.

Bentley also plans to bring an entirely new powertrain to the market, which will be 40 percent more fuel-efficient than the standard models. There is no word on if the new powertrain will be diesel, a hybrid-electric engine or some other type of system.

Finally, Bentley plans to have its entire lineup of vehicles able to run on either Biofuels (i.e. Ethanol) or gasoline. In other words, they will be flexfuel vehicles.

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