Koenigsegg In the Running to Buy Saab?

In a surprising move, a potential buyer for Saab has been found from the company’s home country. Nope… note Swedish automaker Volvo, but Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg.

The news comes from the newspaper Dagens Industri and is so surprising because of Koenigsegg’s mass-market obscurity.

Koenigsegg has, however, made a success out of its supercar business, selling machines like the CCX and 1,000 horsepower CCXR (pictured above), for over one million dollars.

It is expected that were Koenigsegg to be a contender in the bidding process it would likely need one or more partners, and with the supercar maker’s client list including some of the world’s wealthiest people, partners might not be all that hard to find.

Saab has yet to officially announce a list of buyers and did not comment on the Dagens Industri report.

[Source: Channel4]

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