Lamborghini Building Track-Oriented Murciélago

Recently spy photographers captured a Lamborghini out testing on the Nürburgring, and while it was speculated this model might be the upcoming replacement for the Murciélago, that seems unlikely – especially as that car won’t debut until 2012.

Instead it appears as though Lamborghini might be resurrecting the Jota name and building a track version (or more likely a track-oriented) version of the Murcie.

Autogspot is reporting from their sources the Lamborghini is in fact preparing a new model, with an engine based on the 6.4-liter V12 monster that powers all of the top-level Lambos.

Apparently the wheelbase will be shorter and the car will be wider – which is certainly in keeping with the way the car spotted on the Nürburgring looks.

Light-weight materials will also be used, including plenty of carbon fiber for the body panels.

[Source: Autogspot]

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