Lamborghini LP550-2 Photos Leaked?

Lamborghini isn’t commenting, but several photos of a new model from the exotic Italian automaker have wound up on the web. These pictures are reportedly of a new rear-drive version of the Gallardo LP560 – and they certainly do look official.

The name of the car also leaked out and is reported to be called the LP550-2 – with the number “2” signifying it is a two-wheel, or rear-drive, machine. As the name also suggest, this car will be slightly less powerful than it’s all-wheel drive sibling, with 550hp, as opposed to 560hp.

Performance of the LP550-2 would no doubt be superior, however, as the two-wheel drive version is likely to weigh several hundred pounds less.

GALLERY: Lamborghini LP550-2


[Source: NetCarShow]

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