Special Edition Denim Kia Soul Officially Announced

News of the special edition Denim Kia Soul leaked several weeks ago but now Kia has officially introduced the car, and hinted that there will be more limited edition models coming.

The Denim Kia Soul is based on the Soul+ model and gets a few extras. Setting the Denim model apart is a special denim blue exterior paint color and an offset white stripe that runs the length of the car. Also included are a set of 18-inch white wheels and white side mirrors.

As with all Soul+ models, the Denim Kia Soul gets the upgraded audio package with a subwoofer and lights that blink with the music. There is also an iPod connection, steering wheel mounted audio controls and a moonroof.

Other standard Soul+ trim items include keyless entry, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and seats with the Soul logo on them.

The Denim Soul is $2,350 more than a standard Soul+ and is priced from $17,300 with a manual transmission and $18,250 with an automatic.

When we first heard that Kia was releasing a limited edition model of the Soul, we predicted that this wouldn’t be the last special Soul from the Korean automaker and it appears as though we were right. Kia hints at this in its press release when it says that the Denim Soul is the “first” special edition model from the company. With denim now covered, is leather next? Or maybe plaid?

GALLERY: Kia Denim Soul