Breaking: Chrysler and Nissan Part Ways On Platform Sharing


Chrysler and Nissan have officially canceled plans to work together on a number of platform sharing opportunities. Previous plans would have seen Chrysler supply Nissan with the next generation Titan pickup truck, in exchange for Nissan supplying Chrysler with a small car for international markets, as well as a rebadged Nissan Versa for South America.

With Chrysler now owned by Fiat, the U.S. automaker now has access to a long list of small car platforms at its disposal. Nissan, however, isn’t so lucky. Nissan will continue to built the Titan pickup truck at its Canton, Miss., plant through 2011, but beyond that point the Japanese automaker has no plans.

“We’re exploring our options,” said Fred Standish,  Nissan North America spokesman.

Nissan is now left with two choices, to either find another automaker who will supply a platform or to develop its own on an tight schedule. There is also the possibility that the Titan pickup could be scrapped entirely.


Barry Lunt says:

Awesome news! I am glad the Titan will be American designed and built by Nissan USA or not at all.

Chuck says:

It is too bad Nissan did not market the Titan as much as other vehicles. I bought a new 2009 crew cab this year due to a fantastic deal with my 2006 Murano lease ending. I was looking at either Chevy or Ford prior to that. WOW! What a fantstic truck! The ONLY downside I have experienced is the lower gas milage. Everything else has been phenomenal. There are a lot of truck owners out there that are missing out on a great truck. Hopefully Nissan will continue the line because they have a potential sleeping giant in their line that with better marketing could become a big player in the truck market.

David Hair says:

I need help… I have a 2004 Nissan Titan LE the connector to the fuel pump assembly is cut and missing. Can anyone help me with which wires go to which.

There is a total of five wires that lead to the outside of the fuel pump assembly: a black, black with yellow strip, yellow with blue strip, black with pink strip and pink with red strip

Inside the fuel assembly is five wires that are different in color: a larger blue and black wire that go directly to the fuel pump, a pink. light yellow and a light tan.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you,


js112 says:

haha I am also glad the Titan will be American designed and built by Nissan USA or not at all.

rob says:

I have an ’04 Titan that I absolutely love. I was disgusted to think that the new truck was going to be a Ram. Every quality review tells me that this was not a good thing. If I wanted a Ram, I would have bought a Ram. Thanks God that plan fell thru. I agree that if Nissan wants to stay in the big truck game, they should go at it full tilt and with no reservations!