Report: C7 Corvette Due Out in 2012


Earlier this week GM laid out it’s two-year-plan at a product and technology event, with the focus being on new Buick and Cadillac models and, of course, the 230 mpg claim for the Chevrolet Volt. But there was another tid-bit of info in that two-year-plan on another highly-anticipated Chevy… the C7 Corvette.

Initially the next generation Corvette had been postponed until 2014, but according to GM’s latest plans the car’s production has been bumped up, leaving the engineering team significantly less time to re-create the legendary sports car.

That being said, it’s no surprise that the Corvette will continue to use it’s front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. What isn’t clear is, well… everything else. As for the design, with the limited time frame we would expect to see an evolutionary new body, but considering the big changes at GM these days, the automaker may want to help set itself apart from the past by using more progressive sheetmetal, like that off the Corvette Stingray Concept (pictured above).

We do expect to see more light weight materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium and there is also the possibility of a smaller, yet more powerful engine. Forced induction on all models is also not out of the question.

With test-mules expected in 2011, we’ll keep our eyes focused on the Nürburgring to see how development of the C7 Corvette is going.

[Source: CorvetteBlogger]


eric says:

the new vette for 2012 front nose looks like a smiley face??????why Are vette customers looking for smiley faces on the front of their car GM??

K. Scott Teeters says:

I’m a columnist and artist for VETTE Magazine. The current C6, Grand Sport, and especially the ZR1 are stunning cars. When you read road test reports and all the writers have to complain about is interior trim and seatback latches, that should tell us how good the car really is. But, anything can be improved. A C7 Corvette in 2012seems to me to be a rush. I would much rather see GM take their time and get it right, because once it’s done, we’ll have to live with it for some time. The concept car from the movie is in my eye, quite overdone. But that’s what show and concept cars are supposed to be. Look at the Mako Shark I & II. Designing a new Corvette is the hardest job in Detroit – it has to look \new,\ but still look like a \Corvette.\

David says:

 I agree that pushing up the production date is mistake, rushing a new corvette is like showing up to the party drunk and in your underwear. It is absolutely overdone and hopefully stays just as it is, a concept.  Most changes to the Corvette have been subtle, gradual, and most definitely easy on the eyes not cartoonish, boorish,or downright ugly with a face only a mother could love. Understandably designing a new generation Corvette is not an easy task, however that gives no excuse to mangle it as severely as this.

VetteManDan says:

Looks SO intimidating….I’m sure the MoPars would just stand aside when they see this beauty coming! However, I have to agree with the other poster(Eric), it does look a liitle like a “Smiley” car. If the designers would just ease back a bit on the grille so its not SO pronounced, it all looks okay with me….but, if no changes, I would still buy one…..fer sure!

Danny T. says:

Looks like a Star Trek Trooper ! ! !

rich says:

smiley like a great white….i’d put in my deposit if that would be the final version. whew! nothing else is close.

Danny T. says:

C’mon folks, if you would see this car in any setting, it would capture your eye more so than anything else on the road. Why are you critics always, so, critical? I think the car looks GREAAAAAT and am sure the designers and engineers put a tremendous amount of time and effort in coming up with this C7 version of what a ‘Vette should look like two/three years from now. Lets see how the other manufacturers try to shape up to this style ! ! !

mike d says:

i’m in the process of purchasing a 2009 z06 I hope the new c7 corvette doesn’t force me to put my c6 in storage(moth balls.) in short, I hope it really exceeds expectations in looks and performance. the last thing vette fans need is to relive the 80’s.

Bill says:

I own a 2010 Z06, exactly like the one Will retired with. I have owned a vette every year since 1977. I walk and talk vette nearly everyday. I am retired and still work with the High Performance Industry. I have never considered a change, however all in all it is time for a dramatic change. Looks, performance and interior. Chevy needs to go to work, spend the money and get it done right soon. I am sure current sales numbers say the same thing. I’ll purchase a new something in 2012