What EV Owners Want in Charging Stations – More Than Just Power

AutoGuide.com Staff
by AutoGuide.com Staff
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A study by AutoPacific has provided valuable insights into what current and future electric vehicle (EV) owners seek in public charging facilities. It has been revealed that a majority, about 90%, of these consumers highly value having easy access to details about charging speeds and costs. This demand closely mirrors the expectations from conventional gas stations, emphasizing the need for transparent and convenient information at EV charging points.

Importance of Lighting for Safety and Usability

Proper lighting at EV charging stations is crucial. It's not just a safety measure, but it also contributes to the ease of use, especially during the night. The study found that this is a shared sentiment among 89% of EV users and potential buyers, indicating a unanimous need for well-lit charging environments.

Weather Protection: A Necessity at Charging Stations

Just like gas stations, public EV charging stations should offer shelter from various weather elements, such as rain and snow. This feature is essential for a seamless charging process and to ensure the comfort of the users. An impressive 87% of participants in the study agree on the importance of this feature.

Additional Vehicle Care Services

The integration of basic vehicle care services at charging stations is also a popular demand. Features like windshield cleaning, air pumps for tires, and vacuum facilities are considered vital by 86% of current EV owners and 79% of those considering an EV purchase. These additional services significantly enhance the value of the charging station experience.

The Need for Connectivity: Wi-Fi Access

With the inherent waiting time during EV charging, having Wi-Fi access at these stations is deemed important. This amenity is favored by 85% of existing EV owners and 78% of potential adopters. It highlights the desire for a connected experience that allows users to engage in other activities while their vehicle charges.

The preferences of EV users for public charging stations are focused on convenience, detailed information, safety, and added services. These elements are vital for a satisfactory charging experience, paralleling the amenities offered by traditional fueling stations.

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AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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