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Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
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For years now, I've had Chemical Guys' Mr. Pink car wash shampoo as my favorite car wash soap. So, when the company reached out to tell me about its new Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash & Wax and asked if I wanted to give it a try, I couldn't respond quickly enough. The main reason I've always been such a fan of Mr. Pink is the amount of suds it delivers, especially when used with a pressure washer and foam cannon. Even when using just a standard hose and the Chemical Guys' Torq Foam Blaster 6, I've had great results. Simply put, Mr. Pink consistently delivers that slick, soapy surface I want for washing my car.

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So, what's different about Mr. Pink Foam Party? Chemical Guys says it combines the qualities the standard Mr. Pink car wash shampoo is known for with a wax polymer, leaving behind a bit of protection and shine. The Foam Party version also has a tangerine scent as opposed to the bubble gum scent. Chemical Guys sent me the bottle seen above for evaluation prior to the product's official launch.

Typically, I would use a pressure washer and a pressure washer and a Add foam cannon to wash my car, but for this initial evaluation, I decided to use a standard hose and the Torq Blaster 6 foam gun. Although I highly recommend using a pressure washer and foam cannon for car washes, I understand that the majority of people do not use them. So, to provide a more accurate review of Mr. Pink Foam Party, I opted for the experience that an average car owner would have.

Now, wash and wax car wash soaps aren't anything new. But generally, you shouldn't have high expectations on how well the "wax" works in these formulas. As the saying goes, some protection is better than none, which is precisely the advantage these types of products offer. Some may dismiss it as pure marketing jargon, while others will notice a difference in water beading, shine, and even how smooth the paint feels. To truly test Mr. Pink Foam Party, the donor car for the wash has spent its entire life outdoors, has never received a coat of wax, and is generally washed every few months. In other words, spraying the hose on this car's surface mostly left behind a sheet of water instead of little beads. It could use some real care.

When it comes to suds, the Mr. Pink Foam Party delivered expected results and is very similar to what the standard version offers. I definitely recommend using a foam gun with a standard hose for washing your car, as it really helps in creating that foam layer for an easier wash. The soap is nice and slick, foams up very well, and other than the smell, I wouldn't be able to tell a real difference between the normal Mr. Pink and the Foam Party version.

However, the difference can be both felt and seen after washing the car. When I was rinsing it off, I noticed beading action that didn't happen before and an overall shine that didn't exist. The car still felt a bit rough, but nothing short of a clay bar was going to fix that. I'm curious to see how long this wax protection lasts, but my initial impression is that this wash and wax could quickly become my favorite car wash soap. I plan to evaluate the rest of the bottle over the next couple months and I'll be sure to update this review if I find anything worth mentioning. For now, I find no reason not to recommend Foam Party over the standard Mr. Pink car wash shampoo. Even if the wax benefit isn't long-lasting, it still provides a benefit with each wash.

Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash & Wax

Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash & Wax builds on the success and popularity of the Mr. Pink car wash shampoo. I've highly recommended this soap for years and am eager to see how Foam Party fares in a long-term evaluation. My initial impressions are positive; to my surprise, I noticed a difference after washing the car with the wash & wax. The question remains how well the light wax protection holds up over time. However, given its slightly higher price than the standard car shampoo, I believe it's worth the investment.

Disclaimer: Chemical Guys did provide the Mr. Pink Foam Party seen in this review for evaluation. The company, however, was not allowed to view this article prior to publishing and had no influence on the review.

Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Alan Alan on Mar 20, 2024

    I've pretty much switched all of my automotive cleaning products over to chemical guys. The was my first wash soap. Since my car is black I have switched to their blacklight wash which I love.