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The BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tire is designed to be a durable tire for towing/hauling not just on the road but in off-road conditions as well. Dual purpose commercial type tires like these have been around for years from various companies, Toyo, Firestone and Bridgestone to name a few. To see how the BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tires stack up, I was sent a set for a full, extensive evaluation.

Aggressive Looks

Right out of the gate, I noticed how aggressive these tires look for something that is meant to be more commercially based. The amount of separation between the blocks would indicate they are primarily an off-road tire. But unlike some mud tires, these are appropriately sipped for wet weather conditions. Officially, they are rated as both an All Season tire as well one for Mud & Snow. Something to keep in mind is these are not 3 peak rated which means that if you’re in area that may require snow chains you’ll still have to have them with these.

Put to the Test

To evaluate the BFGoodrich HD-Terrains, I put a few thousand miles on the tires during unloaded highway driving as well as while pulling a 20-foot equipment trailer. Both were tested in wet and dry conditions. As well, after some decent rain, I spent some time on my own property and was quite impressed with how easily traction was found even in two-wheel drive. I can’t report on how well these would be in a mud bog, but if we’re being honest, that’s not something someone is typically trying to do with an 8,000 pound pickup.

Being a more aggressive tread pattern, the amount of wheel weights necessary to balance the tires is similar to various highway/all-terrain tires, which to me shows the quality to which the tire is manufactured with.

Towing Impressions

Based on the handful of vehicles that I’ve towed since putting these tires on, I’ve been impressed with how stable they feel. I partly attribute it to my test tires being a Load Range F, which is not something that is typically an option in my particular tire size. Even being a Load Range F tire, they are not any heavier than the Load Range E all terrain tire that these replaced.

The bits of towing I've done since having these tires mounted may not be equivalent in weight and size to the biggest RV trailer or a giant gooseneck with heavy equipment. But based on the tire pressures the tires are currently running after use, I think they would have no issue handling the additional weight of those trailers.

A Few Downsides

There are a few downsides to the BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tires. As previously mentioned, the gap between the tread blocks are larger than most commercial tires on the market, which creates additional road noise. It’s not so bad that I couldn't listen to music or have a conversation while traveling down the highway though. Even on a nice weather day, I could still cruise with the windows open.

Another downside could be the perceived cost and value. As a premium tire, the HD-Terrains retail significantly higher than the all-terrain tires they replaced. Part of this cost increase is most likely due to the BFGoodrich tires being a 12 ply construction compared to the 10 ply construction of my previous tires.

The Verdict

In comparison to other commercial tire offerings, BFGoodrich has tire size options that many competitors currently do not. This allows consumers that like to customize their work/play rig to have a different than factory sized tire/wheel.

Initial investment in these tires is expensive. But based on the feel that they give in the dry and wet conditions, as well as during the towing that I’ve experienced with them, I believe the BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tires to be a good buy. I’m looking forward to the many more miles that will be put on and off the road.

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