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When you think of automotive tools, you might think of socket sets or torque wrenches, but far and away the most popular tools on sale today are battery and electronics focused.

This, at least, is the result of a new study based on real world purchase data from millions of consumers across VerticalScope’s Fora communities platform. This includes communities ranging from classic car forums like to electric car sites like

Of the 10 most popular items purchased last year, two tire gauges made the list, while the remainder of the lineup is comprised of portable battery boosters, testers and battery maintainers as well as OBD2 scanners.

High-Tech Automotive Tools Dominate the List

Battery Maintenance Dominates the List

Far and away the most popular item is the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box, which was purchased more than twice as often as the next item on the list. The ideal product to jump-start a car with a dead battery, at under under $100 it obviously hits a sweet spot for consumers.

Also of note, all three of the OBD2 scanners that made the list were ones that pair with your phone. Generally lower-cost items that don’t require a built-in screen and user interface, these devices make knowing what’s wrong with your car more easily accessible than ever before.

“It’s fascinating to see that while you might expect analog tools to be top on this list, the vast majority are related to vehicle electronics, including how to read the car’s computer and discover what the faults are,” says Colum Wood, VP of Content at VerticalScope. “In many respects tools like low cost OBD2 scanners are democratizing the car diagnostic and repair industry, putting the information in the hands of owners.”


Information for this report comes via data obtained by analyzing sales transactions from VerticalScope's 1,000 unique forums, 55 million registered members over the course of a calendar year. Staff Staff

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