German Tuner Xenatec Offers Maybach Coupe

German Tuner Xenatec Offers Maybach Coupe

Xenatec is a German-based company that often times fulfills special vehicle requests of a particular nature. This can range from stretching an Audi R8 to bullet-proofing your Rolls-Royce Ghost. Whatever may be the case, Xenatec clearly has the expertise, knowledge and engineers to safely take on the task of heavy chassis modification. So it’s no surprise that Xenatec will be heading the limited edition production of the Maybach 57S Coupe.

Only 100 of these bad boys will be produced, making it extremely limited for the extremely luxurious and extremely wealthy. Priced at slightly over $800,000 depending on the conversion, this exclusive Maybach has been widened and the roof lowered compared to its original 57S form but kept the same length (5.7-meters). The vehicle will still be powered by the same power plant, a 6.0L Twin Turbo V12 that pumps out 612-hp, shooting the sedan to 62-mph in five seconds flat. We don’t expect the overall performance to change by much in the coupe altercation.

Giving it an overall sleeker look, the lower roof and longer doors may be what Maybach needed all along to move along some more vehicles. But hey, as far as we’re concerned, Bentley and Rolls-Royce still have our attention. We’ll have to see this one in person before we crown a new king.

GALLERY: Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe


[Source: Autocar]