Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Gets 62 MPG, But Takes 215,000 Miles To Break Even

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
toyota prius plug in hybrid gets 62 mpg but takes 215 000 miles to break even

Inside Line was awarded a plug-in hybrid version of the Toyota Prius, well in advance of official production, and after reaching the 500 mile mark, some observations have begun to surface about Toyota’s newest hope for green motoring.

The plug-in Prius delivers about 62 mpg combined, an impressive figure, but according to Autoblog Green, something that regular Prius drivers can replicate with their own cars. With a starting price of $27,500, a Prius plug-in owner would have to drive the car 215,000 miles before recouping the financial cost of the car, a towering proposition in light of how little we know about the durability of hybrids. The costs don’t even take into account the cost of charging a Prius plug-in, which currently sits at 65 cents per fill.

Right now, the Prius plug-in is just a prototype, but you can be certain it will arrive in showrooms sooner rather than later.

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[Source: Autoblog Green]

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  • Michael Hall Michael Hall on Dec 08, 2010

    I'm an older guy who has spent his life loving cars. But after fifteen years of gas guzzling suvs and being held hostage to the oil industry, I bought a new Prius. I didn't buy it because I'm trying to green, I bought it because I got a great deal on the car and it gets amazing mileage. I drive 100 miles per day on average, a lot of it in the city. I have 15,000 on it now, best mileage was 57, worst was 50 mpg. I drive as fast as any traffic I'm in. I'm not trying to prove a point, it's simply a great car. I didn't buy one before because of my concern about the life of the battery. But after watching neighbors who commute like I do drive hybrids for over 150,000 miles with original miles, I'm not worried. Just so you know there is another side to the story. Some of us are car guys who just want great mileage.

  • Mholdr Mholdr on Jan 31, 2011

    you forgot about the $3000 TAX CREDIT!!!! say hello to $4-5/gallon gas in the summer of 2011.