EV Range Anxiety Debunked: Actual Daily Use Revealed

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by AutoGuide.com Staff
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Electric vehicle (EV) owners in the United States typically drive well within the range capacities of their vehicles, according to a comprehensive data analysis. The study, which examined anonymized data from over 18,850 vehicles, reveals that the average daily mileage does not surpass 45 miles, which is a fraction of the range provided by most modern EVs.

State-by-State Daily Driving Patterns

The research indicates that there is a variation in daily driving distances among the states. In some states, drivers average close to 45 miles a day, while in others, the average is around 20 miles. This suggests that for most EV drivers, the range capabilities of their vehicles are more than adequate for daily use.

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Proportion of Vehicle Range Utilized

The study also compared these daily driving distances to the total available range of EVs as per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings. It found that, on average, EV drivers use just 8% to 16% of their vehicle's EPA-rated range for their daily needs.

Regional Driving Habits and Range Usage

Regions with islands and small districts, such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Washington D.C., exhibit shorter daily driving distances. This might be attributed to the geographic constraints and the availability of alternate modes of transportation in these areas.

Interestingly, states like Alaska, despite its vastness, show lower daily mileage and range usage. The state's unique infrastructure and the prevalence of alternative transit routes, might contribute to this trend. Population density also appears to play a role in EV usage. States with lower population density, like Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas, show distinct driving patterns.

Implications for Range Anxiety

The findings suggest that the phenomenon of range anxiety, the concern that an EV might run out of power before reaching the destination, may be less of a practical concern than previously thought. Given that most daily travel needs fall within a small percentage of the vehicles' total range, EV owners can have greater confidence in their vehicles for everyday use.

Insights on Weather Impact and Range

The data presents an interesting perspective on the effect of weather on EV range. Even though the study's findings are based on data from February, it's notable that cold weather, which can reduce EV range, does not seem to significantly impact the daily driving distances.

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AutoGuide.com Staff
AutoGuide.com Staff

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    I am the perfect candidate for an EV; I live in the city, I don’t drive far, I have a garage, that could house a charging unit, but my cars must go vroom, not whoosh. Call me an old, dinosaur car guy, and I’ll wear that badge with pride.