'Toyota: The Run Away Musical Hit' Will Have You Laughing Out of Control

Matt Farah
by Matt Farah
toyota the run away musical hit will have you laughing out of control

Toyota‘s had a rough year, with recalls, fines, and a brand image that has taken a Tito Ortiz-style punch to the jugular, and the latest jab comes from Minneapolis, MO’s Brave New Workshop, former stomping ground of Senator and political satirist Al Franken. “Toyota: The Runaway Musical Hit” has become quite the hot ticket in Minneapolis, a musical review chock full of double-entendre and puns set against a backdrop of a runaway Toyota and the developing relationships of its passengers.

To publicize the show, producers placed an ad on CraigsList seeking a Prius owner who was looking to sell their car, and the company would have an informal auction at the end of the performance. Although the chosen Prius owner was seeking about $16,000 for his used hybrid, after 90 minutes of anti-Toyota satire, it’s not surprising that the auction failed to clear $2,000.

“Toyota: The Runaway Musical Hit” is playing now, so for all you Twin Cities folks, you can buy tickets here.

[Source: NY Times Autos]

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