Audi Uses Its Senses When It Comes To Designing Cars

How many of your senses do you use when you drive? The folks at Audi use four of them when they design their cars. In fact, they think they are so crucial to the emotional experience of driving, they’ve dedicated entire departments to particular senses.

Focusing on sensory experiences, Audi’s development departments are broken down into: the Nose Team, which uses its sense of smell to track down new scents; the Haptics Team, who close their eyes and runs their fingers over surfaces and materials to get a sense of their quality; the Acoustics Team that ensure the sound is perfect; and the Lighting technicians who make sure the view is always clear.

The nose knows, and that why Audi’s olfactory team – aka the “Nose Team” – sniff out stinky situations. Basically, their job is to sniff (and snuff) out disagreeable odors in vehicles and make sure drivers are greeted with a pleasant fragrance in their vehicles.

The “Team for Operating Haptics” are constantly pressing, feeling, pulling, sliding, turning and touching. The focus the team is to ensure that Audi’s cars come with quality in the details, big or small.

Hear that? You’ll get awesome sound in an Audi car, thanks to the “Acoustics Team.” Sound design is just one more important component in vehicle development at Audi. And each vehicle is different, depending on the model and a customer’s expectations.

Be prepared to see the light, with help from the “Lighting Team.” Audi’s models come with their own completely unique lighting properties. For example, the sweeping light strip on the Audi A1 exudes determination, and that of the new Audi A8 radiates elegance and dominance.