UAW Bans Non-Union Foreign Cars From UAW Parking Lots

UAW Bans Non-Union Foreign Cars From UAW Parking Lots

UAW President Bob King continued his asinine union politics by endorsing a measure that bans non-union foreign made cars from parking lots at UAW facilities.

The story came to the surface after a reporter from a Kansas City-area paper was told to move his Kentucky-built Toyota Camry off the property while visiting a Ford truck plant. An argument ensued, and King ended up writing a letter to the paper, stating “Buying a U.S./UAW vehicle makes a difference,” King wrote. “Foreign automakers accept U.S taxpayer’s dollars in incentives to build assembly plants in the United States, jeopardizing the future of middle-class workers in the domestic auto industry.”

If the UAW spent as much energy lobbying the Big Three management to build competitive vehicles as they did agitating for protectionist measures to incentivize the purchasing of domestic (and sometimes sub-par) vehicles, this whole situation could have been a moot point. Of course, plants owned by foreign automakers are also famously non-union, and have repeatedly failed to organize under the UAW banner.

[Source: Edmunds]