Chevrolet Volt Gets Torn Apart By Hydraulic Jaws

Chevrolet Volt Gets Torn Apart By Hydraulic Jaws

Bet the headline got your attention, didn’t it? Unfortunately for you electric car haters, this doesn’t have to do with wanton destruction of an electric car.

Electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt pose a significant danger to Paramedics, Fire Fighters and other emergency responders due to the significantly higher voltage (no pun intended) and hazardous materials used in the vehicle batteries. Chevrolet has taken the bold step of allowing first responders to tear up Volt prototypes with tools like the Jaws of Life to conduct mock rescues and learn how to avoid parts of the car that may pose an additional hazard to the rescue teams.

You can still watch the Volt get ripped up with rescue tools in the video below the jump, but it’s really more educational than entertaining. Given that electric cars will be a bigger part of our world in the future, being able to train first responders properly will become an important issue as gasoline vehicles fade from the landscape.

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[Source: Chevrolet]

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