Eibach Honda CR-Z Revealed Ahead of SEMA

Knowing that they potentially have a huge hit on their hands, Honda has really leveraged this year’s SEMA show to hand some of the aftermarket’s most brilliant minds their new CR-Z. Eibach Springs is one of these companies, and having received the car in July, they went straight to work researching and developing new products for the tiny hybrid. And with such a well-known brand as Eibach Springs behind the helm of this build, it’s no surprise that Eibach’s trusted partners for the past several decades also played a role in building the CR-Z for this year’s SEMA Show.

From the Eibach camp, they went straight to what they do best: suspension modifications. The Honda CR-Z was their test bed for a new set of springs, sway bars and mono-tube coilovers. For power, Eibach Springs called their friends at K&N to develop an intake for the new Honda sport hybrid.

Once they got their coilovers installed, the car headed off to get a roll bar designed and the C-West aero kit installed. To accent the C-West aero, Eibach Springs had a Mugen spoiler overnighted from Japan (no, this is not a Fast & Furious joke) – the deadlines of building a SEMA car are pretty stressful.

After paint and body, the car made it back to Eibach to have the Stoptech big brake kit installed along with a set of wheels. With the paint scheme and graphics applied, this CR-Z looks killer. The interior Sparco seats and roll bar really hint that Eibach will be flaunting it out at the track someday soon. We hope so.

With several other CR-Zs planned to be on display at SEMA we’ll be sure to bring you photos of all of them, with AutoGuide’s 2010 SEMA Show coverage starting November 2nd. Until then, check out our complete SEMA Preview here.

GALLERY: Eibach Springs SEMA Honda CR-Z

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[Source: CRZ Forum]
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