Ford Fusion First Blue Oval Car to Hit 200,000 Sales Mark Since 2004

Ford Fusion First Blue Oval Car to Hit 200,000 Sales Mark Since 2004

There was a time when Ford cars regularly sold in excess of 200,000, units, heck the original Ford Taurus sold well over 300,000 per annum in the late ’80s. But times change.

Today, the best selling car in America struggles to sell 300,000 copies annually, but if anything, the T0yota Camry is consistent. It’s been the most popular car in the U.S. for years and with 296,581 delivered so far for 2010, it appears things aren’t likely to change soon. The Honda Accord is on track for the runner up spot with 253,073, while the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic follow, with 244,024 and 231,955 units sold during the same period.

And what have you noticed from these stats? That’s right, all these cars are Japanese brand vehicles, what about the homegrown stuff that used to top the sales charts for years? Well, in recent years the big three have lost market share, particularly in the mid-size and compact car segments, however, that might be set to change. The Ford Fusion, revamped for 2010, posted a 21.5 percent gain in sales for November, versus a year earlier, making it the first car from Dearborn to top the ‘magic’ 200,000 sales mark since 2004.

Ford, on average, has been selling around 10,000 Fusions per month during 2010 which isn’t too shabby these days. Winning Motor Trend‘s 2010 ‘Car of the Year’ honor certainly hasn’t hurt either.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]