GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD Concept Rumored for Production


At this year’s North American International Auto Show, General Motors teased truck lovers by unveiling the All-Terrain HD Concept, an off-road, pre-runner inspired vehicle in the SVT Raptor idom and derived from the current GMC Sierra HD.

At the time, the official line was that the truck is merely just a styling exercise, though it looks like there’s a possible chance it might actually be headed for production. GM designer Carl Zipfel, is reported to have said that the company is now considering the possibilities for bringing the All-Terrain to market.

Making the task easier is the fact that it is already based on production pickup. When asked if an enthusiast could essentially replicate the All-Terrain via a parts catalog, Zipfel said absolutely, “everything but the [LED] lights,” he declared.

Hinting that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make this thing into a production vehicle were further comments from the designer. “You can’t get the 5’8″ bed on the 2500 Duramax HD, and widening the track by four inches would be a slightly lesser challenge. Otherwise, the chassis wasn’t chopped to create the shortened front end. We [also] think we’re in striking distance for crash testing if GMC decided to build it.”

If the General does give the All-Terrain the green light, there’s no question that it will be one of the biggest and baddest factory off-road pickups to ever hit the streets.

GALLERY: GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept


[Source: Autoblog]