Infiniti Considering Halo Car, Entry Level Model to Cement Tier One Luxury Status

While it doesn’t get a lot of press, Infiniti has climbed up the luxury ladder to become the fourth largest luxury brand in the U.S. And over the past two years, the company has expanded globally as well.

But with sales just half those of brands like Lexus, BMW and Mercedes, Infiniti is missing something, or perhaps, some things. Exactly what the brand needs to hit that level of success is a halo model, as well as an entry-level luxury car that would serve to introduce buyers to the brand. Or at least that’s the opinion of Nissan North America sales VP Brian Carolin.

While immediate thoughts turn to a more luxurious GT-R, possibly using hybrid technology, along the lines of the Essence Concept, a flagship luxury sedan is also under consideration.

Based on Infiniti’s more sporting pretensions, we have to think the brand’s top model would be a luxury sports car. After all, the Essence has been on tour for two years now visiting local auto shows and it almost always attracts more attention that anything new.

In addition, Carolin admits a smaller luxury model might also be in the pipe, based on a different platform than the G sedan. Past rumors have indicated it would be a front-drive model.

GALLERY: Infiniti Essence Concept


[Source: WardsAuto]