Asus Lamborghini External Hard Drive Lets You Save Files Fast

You know what would go great with your Lamborghini garden tools and your Tonino Lamborghini mattress? The new Asus Lamborghini External HDD.

After releasing a line of Lamborghini-inspired laptops, the external HDD is a logical step for branding – not only can surf the net super fast, now you can save your important documents and files in a flash as well.  And just like the laptop, the HDD is inspired by the Lamborghini, sporting the curves, design and style of the car. It’s Windows compatible and comes in the USB 2.0 model, 500GB or 750GB version, at 5400RPM, and the USB 3.0 edition at 7200RPM.

Price wise, the 500GB USB 2.0 costs $120 while the 700GB comes in at $140. We’re still waiting on the price for the USB 3.0.

[Source: Born Rich]