Audi Carbon Skis Will Let You Rule the Slopes

When you’re racing down the slopes, you want to leave everyone behind you. And Audi can help you do that with their new carbon skis.

Designed by Audi Concept Design Munich, in collaboration sportswear brand Head and the German Ski Association, these skis take the best technology from motorsports and infuse them into winter sports. Weighing in at just 960 grams, the Audi skis are made with a wooden core that is layered with aluminum and titanium, then all wrapped up in a carbon case. Since they are so light, you can manoeuvre around any obstacle with surprising agility. The lightweight construction allows it to be incredibly agile, and even the deep powder won’t slow you down.

“The serial-production ski was able to borrow from the concept study, and it features outstanding technical properties,” said Wolfgang Egger, Head of Design for the Audi Group. “At the same time, its minimalist design underscores the technical nature of the carbon.”

There’s no price tag attached to the Audi skis just yet, but we’re guessing you may have to take a lease out to afford them.

[Source: Born Rich]