Infiniti Etherea Concept Surfaces Ahead Of Geneva Auto Show


Despite our initial reservations, we grew to adore the Nissan Juke, even though it’s styling could politely be described as “interesting”. Whether the Infiniti Etherea concept will do the same is a question only time can answer, but so far we’re not quite as enthusiastic about the concept car’s looks than Infiniti might like us to be.

Designed as a preview to the entry-level Infiniti set to debut by next year, the Etherea is about 4 inches longer than a Nissan Versa, but will obviously be targeting a much different market. With size-conscious Europe requiring any luxury player to field a compact, the Etherea is a crucial product for Infiniti, but evidently there’s still some work to be done for its production ready.

[Source: Infiniti]

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